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by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Doctor Hauzer's Mansion of Bullshit Deaths



Originally released only in Japan for the 3DO, Doctor Hauzer could easily be described as a rip-off of 'Alone in the Dark' (especially when you consider the other, more well known title from the developer was 'Overblood' which was mostly sci-fi Resident Evil....but a bit shit). In reality though, it may share some superficial similarities to AitD it's actually very much it's own streamlined experience. The story revolves around Adam, a jerk reporter who hangs out with an anti-social archaeologist and writes what I assume are amazing articles about the doctor being a massive shit heel. But one day the ol' doc goes missing and it's up to Adam to find out what happened to his golden goose (which fits cause geese are dicks). To find Hauzer though, we first must navigate his home of horrors and face the many tribulations that lay within it's walls.

Thankfully with the availability of emulation and the fact that the game was recently fan translated, you too can experience this game for yourself if you wish. The translation is available here:

Also, some of you might notice that the text goes by a bit quick and I apologize for that, but to get the game running at a suitable speed pretty much requires the internal CPU to be run at a bit higher rate and thus some text might go by fairly quickly. Thankfully it's not too much of a detriment to the experience but I figured I'd put that out there.
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