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Original Thread: Let's Play: Doctor Who - The (Stealthy) Adventure (Mini-)Games.



What is this?

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is a series of episodic third-person adventure games and were based on a TV series called, surprisingly enough, Doctor Who. They were initially released for free (to UK residents) through the BBC's official Doctor Who website but were later compiled and released for international sale. The first season is composed of four episodes and they were so popular the BBC commissioned a second series. Unfortunately, the second series was cancelled after the release of one episode as the BBC wanted to focus the Doctor Who brand onto bigger markets. The Adventure Games were available to buy on Steam until 2017, the developer's license with the BBC expired and it's doubtful whether it will ever be renewed.

I believe that the events in the games coincide with the fifth season of the revived TV series. The games in the first series centre around the adventures of the eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companion, Amy Pond. The second series introduced a second companion from the TV show, Rory Williams.

Do I need in-depth knowledge before entering into this LP?

Even though this is an established brand with a long history, the short answer is no. You can get through this series without needing to have any knowledge of Doctor Who beforehand. My own knowledge of Doctor Who is very limited. I grew up with Sylvestor McCoy and watched some of the older episodes when I was growing up but never really got into it. I watched two or three seasons of the newer Doctor Who series and haven't really seen anything since. I'm doing this LP purely as an adventure game fan.

The mechanics of this game are pretty simple and can be explained easily through a few short tutorial pop-ups. The mechanics are pretty simple, there aren't a lot of hotspots to uncover and the inventory system is very basic. The puzzles can be divided into three sections: Stealth, inventory and mini-games. We will be seeing a lot of stealth puzzles and a lot of mini-games. And I when I say a lot, I mean a lot! I will point out now that I'm not very good at stealth and I'm also not a fan of mini-games.

Let's Play details

This will be a video Let's Play and I will be doing commentary as I record. I will post one video every Sunday but if I have more time available I may post a video mid-week.

There are collectables to find throughout each episode and I will be collecting them all in this playthrough.

Let's Play: Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

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