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Part 1


Individuals sufferings from anxiety or depression may not have a safe experience playing this game. For content warnings, please visit: By playing Doki Doki Literature Club, you agree that you are at least 13 years of age, and you consent to your exposure of highly disturbing content.

As mentioned briefly in the Steam description page, this game does deal with some dark and possibly disturbing issues later on. The developers of the game are taking no chances with people suffering from anxiety/depressive disorders and you need to actually agree to this caveat before moving into the game.

BGM: Doki Doki Literature Club! **New!**

No chances whatsoever.

This is the last notice of disturbing content. There will be no further warnings. Enjoy this LP at your own risk.

Welcome to Doki Doki Literature Club!

Our name is Mitayo. There is literally zero rhyme or reason behind this whatsoever beyond “I wanted something vaguely Japanese-sounding and also I didn’t want him to be named Dongs.”

BGM: Ohayou Sayori! **New!**

I see an annoying girl running toward me from the distance, waving her arms in the air like she's totally oblivious to any attention she might draw to herself. That girl is Sayori, my neighbor and good friend since we were children. You know, the kind of friend you'd never see yourself making today, but it just kind of works out because you've known each other for so long?

We used to walk to school together on days like this, but starting around high school she would oversleep more and more frequently, and I would get tired of waiting up. But if she's going to chase after me like this, I almost feel better off running away. However, I just sigh and idle in front of the crosswalk and let Sayori catch up to me.

I'm not entirely sure why Mitayo starts off the game by being so annoyed over Sayori. I think he’s going for a roasting-my-friend sort of vibe but it doesn’t come across very well. It's not a great first impression, but it never really comes up again. He actually does consider her a friend.

: “I overslept again! But I caught you this time!"

So this is Sayori - like the MC mentioned a minute ago, she's a bit of a flake. She's super nice, though, and a generally worthwhile person to know. She's the typical 'has always been my best friend' character - kind of the middle of the road with no obvious glaring faults.

: “Maybe, but only because I decided to stop and wait for you."

: “Eeehhhhh, you say that like you were thinking about ignoring me! That's mean, Mitayo!"

He was and it is.

As an aside, the male POV never appears in the game. The portrait I went with was on the first page GIS search of Japanese high school boy and I have no idea where he’s from.

: “Well, if people stare at you for acting weird then I don't want them to think we're a couple or something."

: “Fine, fine. But you did wait for me, after all. I guess you don't have it in you to be mean even if you want to~"

: “Whatever you say, Sayori..."

: “Ehehe~"

This game is not voiced. No weird awkward laughter to cap here.

We cross the street together and make our way to school. As we draw near, the streets become increasingly speckled with other students making their daily commute.

: “Have you decided on a club to join yet?"

High schools in anime and VNs are super-into extracurricular clubs. How much of this leaks from real life is beyond me because I'm an uncultured idiot. It certainly happens in media enough.

: “A club? I told you already, I'm really not interested in joining any clubs. I haven't been looking, either."

: "Eh? That's not true! You told me you would join a club this year!"

: “Did I...?"

I'm sure it's possible that I did, in one of our many conversations where I dismissively go along with whatever she's going on about. Sayori likes to worry a little too much about me, when I'm perfectly content just getting by on the average while spending my free time on games and anime.

...they really are friends. He really does like her, I promise.

: "Uh-huh! I was talking about how I'm worried that you won't learn how to socialize or have any skills before college. Your happiness is really important to me, you know!

: “And I know you're happy now, but I'd die at the thought of you becoming a NEET in a few years because you're not used to the real world! You trust me, right?"

NEET is apparently an acronym for 'Not in Education, Employment, or Training.”I'd never heard this term before so if you're in the same boat I was, you're welcome.

: “Alright, alright...I'll look at a few clubs if it makes you happy."

: “Will you at least promise me you'll try a little?"

: “Yeah, I guess I'll promise you that."

: “Yaay~!"

Why do I let myself get lectured by such a carefree girl? More than that, I'm surprised I even let myself relent to her. I guess seeing her worry so much about me makes me want to ease her mind at least a little bit - even if she does exaggerate everything inside her head.

There! That's a little bit of caring! I told you!

The screen transitions into this classroom. I think we only come here once or twice, so enjoy it while it lasts.

The school day is as ordinary as ever, and it's over before I know it. After I pack up my things, I stare blankly at the wall, looking for an ounce of motivation.

: “Clubs..."

Sayori wants me to check out some clubs. I guess I have no choice but to start with the anime club...

Literally no choice whatsoever. I'll get rid of my NEET status in no time if I spend my after-school hours talking about Tuxedo Mask and Goku!

: “Hellooo?"

Get used to Sayori. While the other girls do make a grand appearance very, very soon, it's pretty obvious that Sayori is the obvious forerunner for love interest.

Sayori must have come into the classroom while I was spacing out. I look around and realize that I'm the only one left in the classroom.

: “I thought I'd catch you coming out of the classroom, but I saw you just sitting here and spacing out, so I came in. Honestly, you're even worse than me sometimes...I'm impressed!"

: “You don't need to wait up for me if it's going to make you late to your own club."

: “Well, I thought you might need some encouragement, so I thought, you know..."

: “Know what?"

You have about four and a half lines of dialogue to guess which club Sayori's a part of.

: “Sayori..."

: “Yeah??"

: “...There is no way I'm going to your club."

: “Eeeehhhhh?! Meanie!"

Sayori is vice president of the Literature Club - not that I was ever aware that she had any interest in literature. In fact, I'm 99% sure she only did it because she thought it would be fun to help start a new club.

Knowing Sayori's character, this is probably entirely true.

Since she was the first one to show interest after the one who proposed the club, she inherited the title "Vice President". That said, my interest in literature is guaranteed to be even less.

: “Yeah. I'm going to the anime club."

Tempt me not, woman! Anime awaits!

: “C'mon, please?"

: “Why do you care so much, anyway?"

: “I kind of told the club yesterday I would bring in a new member...and Natsuki made cupcakes and everything...ehehe..."

Free food, you say...?

: “Don't make promises you can't keep!"

I can't tell if Sayori is really that much of an airhead, or if she's so cunning as to have planned all of this out. I let out a long sigh.

: “Fine...I'll stop by for a cupcake, okay?"

: “Yes! Let's go~!"

It's hard not to like Sayori. She's so bubbly all the time, even over little stuff.

I want this on my tombstone.

I dejectedly follow Sayori across the school and upstairs - a section of the school I rarely visit, being generally used for third-year classes and activities.

I don't think it's even mentioned exactly what year of school he's in.

Sayori, full of energy, swings open the classroom door.

THIS is the room we'll probably be seeing the most of.

BGM: Doki Doki Literature Club! (modified - no "Doki Doki!" at the beginning)

: “I told you, don't call me a 'new member--'"

Eh? I glance around the room.

: “Sayori always says nice things about you."

: “Way to kill the atmosphere."

: “Welcome to the club!"

In one fell swoop, every other character in this game gets introduced. Other than Kirby hair, the others are definitely anime but not obscenely so.

: “..."

All words escape me in this situation. This full of incredibly cute girls!!


To Be Continued!