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Part 13


BGM: Dreams Of Love and Literature

So I decided to go with column B since the majority of the votes were looking for a more light option after the tragedy with Sayori, even though C technically won by one vote. Captain's prerogative. Besides, this'll give us an entirely new cutscene instead of just a slightly modified version of one that we've already seen. I can absolutely not be assed to remember which words I used, but they ARE in the video at the end of the update if you’re interested.

Natsuki's super-slow jumping isn't a glitch and I have no idea why it's showing up that way. This gif just doesn't want to work for some reason.

BGM: Ohayou Sayori!

: “Hi again, Mitayo!"

: “Glad to see you didn't run away on us. Hahaha!"

That's only because he literally doesn't know can't remember any better.

: "Nah, don't worry. This might be a little strange for me, but I at least keep my word."

Well, I'm back at the Literature Club. I was the last to come in, so everyone else is already hanging out.

Not everyone.

: “I hope this isn't too overwhelming of a commitment for you. Making you dive headfirst into literature when you're not accustomed to it..."

: “You already had to be dragged here by Monika. I don't know if you plan to just come here and hang out, or what...but if you don't take us seriously, then you won't see the end of it."

Uh, Monika, you’re kinda blockin’ the text here, Honey.

: “Natsuki, you certainly have a big mouth for someone who keeps her manga collection in the clubroom."

This is a slightly more abrupt response than the last time we saw this scene.

: “M-M-M...!!"

Natsuki finds herself stuck between saying "Monika" and "Manga".

: “Manga is literature!!"

Swiftly defeated, Natsuki plops back into her seat.

: “I'm sorry, Mitayo...we'll make sure to put your comfort first, okay?"

Yuri shoots Natsuki with a disappointed glance.

: “Um, that you're in the club and all...perhaps you might have interest in picking up a book to read?"

: "Well...I can't really say no either way. Like you said, I'm in this club now. So it only feels right for me to do something like that, if you ask."

: “W-Wait...I didn't mean it like that! Uu...if you don't really want to, then forget I said anything, I guess..."

: "Ah--No, it's not that, Yuri. I want to try to be a part of this club. So even if I don't read often, I'd be happy to pick up a book if you wanted me to."

: “A-Are you sure...? I just felt like...well, as Vice President and all...that I should help you get started on something you might like."

I love that Yuri brings up that she's vice president at literally every opportunity.

Yuri reaches into her bag and pulls out a book.

: “I didn't want you to feel left I picked out a book that I thought you might enjoy. It's a short read, so it should keep your attention, even if you don't usually read. And we could, you know…"

The only sad part about us not going with Yuri this route is that the book Yuri gives us is DRASTICALLY different. We'll go over that in a future update.

Th-This is this girl accidentally being so cute? She even picked out a book she thinks I'll like, despite me not reading much...

: "Yuri, thank you! I'll definitely read this!"

I enthusiastically take the book.

: “Phew...well, you can read it at your own pace. I look forward to hearing what you think."

Now that everyone's settled in, I expected Monika to kick off some scheduled activities for the club. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Yuri's face is already buried in a book. I can't help but notice her intense expression, like she was waiting for this chance. Meanwhile, Natsuki is rummaging around in the closet.

There's a small but significant difference here - literally none of them seem interested in the others. At least when Sayori was here, there was SOME chatter; now, though, they're all focused on their own things entirely. This club is in shambles.


I am a firm, card-carrying member of Team Natsuki so I can't say how happy I am to be going through this...even with the game issues.

I hear Natsuki utter an exasperated sigh from within the closet. She seems to be annoyed by something. I approach her, in case she needs a hand.

BGM: Play With Me!

: "You looking for something in there?"

Eeeesh. Not even Natsuki’s scenario is safe from the code glitching.

: “She never puts my stuff back in the right spot! What's the point in keeping your collection organized if someone else is just gonna mess it up?"

Natsuki slides a bunch of stacked books and boxes across the shelf.

: "Manga..."

: “You read manga, right?"

: "Ah--...Sometimes..."

Manga is one of those things where you can't admit you're really into it until you figure out where the other person stands.

: "...How did you know, anyway?"

: “I heard you bring it up at some point. Besides, it's kind of written on your face."

What's that supposed to mean...?

It means you look like an otaku. Coming from Natsuki, take it as a compliment.

: "I-I see..."

There's a lone volume of manga amidst a stack of various books on the side of one of the shelves.Curious, I pull it out of the stack.

: “There it is!"

Natsuki snatches it out of my hand. She then turns to a box of manga and slips the volume right into the middle of the rest.

: “Seeing a box set with one book missing is probably the most irritating sight in the world."

I can see where she's coming from. I have two full complete sets of a manga and two editions of one of those sets were from a different printing and it looked out of place and awful. I spent actual money to replace them because it bothered me so much.

: "I know that feel..."

I get a closer look at the box set she's admiring.

: "Parfait Girls...?"

It's a series I've never heard of in my life. That probably means it's either way out of my demographic, or it's simply terrible.

No, Parfait Girls is not a real thing. It sounds completely believable, though.

: “If you're gonna judge, you can go do it through the glass on that door."

She points to the classroom door.

: "H-Hey, I wasn't judging anything...! I didn't even say anything."

: “It was the tone of your voice. But I'll tell you one thing, Mitayo."

: “Consider this a lesson straight from the Literature Club:"

I don't like lessons from the Literature Club

: “In fact--"

Natsuki pulls out the first volume of Parfait Girls from the box.

: “I'm gonna show you exactly why!"

She shoves the book right into my hands.

: "Ah..."

I stare at the cover. It features four girls in colorful attire striking animated feminine poses. It's...exceedingly "moe".

Oh boy.

: “Don't just stand there!"

: "Uwa--"

Natsuki grabs my arm and pulls me out of the closet. She then takes a seat against the wall, beneath the windowsills. She pats on the ground next to her, signaling me to sit there.

: "Wouldn't chairs be more comfortable...?"

I take my seat.

: “We can't read at the same time like that."

I'm starting to wonder if the dev didn't just really like the work he did on the classroom floor.

Also, what is it with you girls and reading the same book at the same time? You have a whole collection of books! Pick a different one!

: "Eh? Why's that? Ah...I guess it's easier to be close together like this..."

Natsuki crosses her arms and scootches an inch away from me.

So tsundere. A nice change of pace from gothic Yuri and...Sayori...

: "Sorry..."

I didn't exactly expect to be sitting this close to her, either...not that I can say it's a particularly bad thing. I open the book. It's only a few seconds before Natsuki once again inches closer, reclaiming the additional space while she hopes I won't notice. I can feel her peering over my shoulder, much more eager to begin reading than I am.

: “Wow, how long has it been since I read the beginning...?"

: "Hm? You don't go back and flip through the older volumes every now and then?"

: “Not really. Maybe sometimes after I've already finished the series."

Yeah, you don't generally need to do a reread when you're actually reading the series for the first time, Mitayo.

: “Hey, are you paying attention?"

: "Uh..."

I am, but nothing's really happened yet, so I can talk at the same time. It looks like it's about a bunch of friends in high school. Typical slice-of-life affair. I kind of grew out of these, since it's rare for the writing to be entertaining enough to make up for the lack of plot.

I unironically love slice of life anime. I don't watch or read that much in general, to be honest, but that's generally the genre I go with.

: "...Are you sure this isn't boring for you?"

: “It's not!"

: "Even though you're just watching me read?"

: “Well...! I'm...fine with that."

: "If you say so...I guess it's fun sharing something you like with someone else. I always get excited when I convince any of my friends to pick up a series I enjoy."

: "You know what I mean?"

: “...?"

: "Hm? You don't?"

: “...that's not...well, I wouldn't really know."

: "...What do you mean? Don't you share your manga with your friends?"

: “Could you not rub it in? Jeez..."

"Not all of us HAVE friends, okay?"

: "Ah... Sorry..."

: “Hmph. Like I could ever get my friends to read this...they just think manga is for kids. I can't even bring it up without them being all like...'Eh? You still haven't grown out of that yet?' Makes me want to punch them in the face..."

: "Urgh, I know those kinds of people...honestly, it takes a lot of effort to find friends who don't judge, much less friends who are also into it...I'm already kind of a loser, so I guess I gravitated toward the other losers over time. But it's probably harder for someone like you..."

: “Hm. Yeah, that's pretty accurate."

...Wait, which part??

The part where you're a huge nerd loser, probably.

Jokes aside, this is one of the few insights we get into Mitayo's life before the Literature Club. He's not cool and popular, though most of the members aren't - just Monika, really.

Uhhhhh. This of the first glances we get into Natsuki's backstory.

: “At least it's safe here in the clubroom. 'Cept Monika's kind of a jerk about it...ugh! I just can't win, can I?"

: "Well, it paid off in the end, didn't it? I mean, here I am, reading it."

: “Well, it's not like that solves any of my problems."

: "Maybe...but at least you're enjoying yourself, right?"

: “--...So?"

: "Ahaha."

: “Jeez, that's enough! Are you gonna keep reading, or what?"

: "Yeah, yeah..."

I flip the page.


Time passes. Natsuki is strangely quiet now. I glance over at her.

I thought you said this manga was good. It can't even keep YOU awake!

: "Hey, Natsuki..."

: “Y-Yeah...?"

Suddenly, Natsuki collapses straight into me.

: "H-Hey--"

Oh God, I was just kidding. Are you okay?

BGM: The music is suddenly static-ridden.

I...will take that as a no.

BGM: Music stops abruptly.

: “Natsuki, are you okay?"

: “..."

: “Here..."

Monika reaches into her bag and pulls out some kind of protein bar. She throws it in Natsuki's direction. Natsuki's eyes suddenly light up again. She snatches the bar from the floor and immediately tears off the wrapper.

: “I told you not to give mmph..."

She doesn't even finish her sentence before stuffing it into her mouth.

Looks like she has some blood sugar issues...? And…other things, maybe???

: “Don't worry, Mitayo.”

: “It just happens every now and then. That's why I always keep a snack in my bag for her. Anyway...!"

: “Why don't we all share poems now?"

BGM: Okay, Everyone!

We'll, uh, continue with the poem delivery next time...though I think that our priorities might not be in order...

As usual, if you have any recommendations for who to talk to first, lay em' on me - but it's not a huge deal either way.

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