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Part 14


BGM: Okay, Everyone!

I should start with Monika. Yesterday she seemed eager to read my poem, and I want her to know I'm putting in effort.

I passed the effort onto the internet, actually.

: “Having a good time so far?"

: "Ah...yeah."

I mean, we haven't really done much yet. Knowing what we know, I'll consider that a good thing.

: “Good! Glad to hear it! By the way, since you're new and everything...if you ever have any suggestions for the club, like new activities, or things we can do better...I'm always listening! Don't be afraid to bring things up, okay?"

: "Alright...I'll keep that in mind."

Of course I'll be afraid to bring things up. I'm much better off just going with the flow until I'm more settled in.

: “Anyway...want to share your poem with me?"

: "It's kind of embarrassing, but I guess I have to."

: “Ahahaha! Don't worry, Mitayo! We're all a little embarrassed today, you know?"

: "Yeah, that's true."

I hand Monika my poem.

: “...Mhm! I like it, Mitayo!"

: "Really...?"

: “It's a lot cuter than I expected. Ahahaha!"

Kawaii desu =^-~=

: "Oh jeez..."

: “No, no! It kind of makes me think of something Natsuki would write. And she's a good writer, too. So take that as a compliment!"

: "Ahaha...if you say so."

: “Yep!"

: “She'll cling to you like a puppy. Ahaha!"

Remember last time when I said that Monika compared Natsuki to Shel Silverstein?

That...doesn't happen in this timeline.

: “Natsuki's dad doesn't give her lunch money or leave her any food in the house, so she's in a fussy mood pretty often...but sometimes she just loses all of her strength and shuts down. Like earlier."

: “This is just a guess, but I think she's so small because her malnutrition is interfering with her adolescent growth...But hey, some guys are into petite girls too, you know? Sorry...just trying to look at the bright side!"

That doesn't explain those evil swirling death eyes, Monika.

: “Anyway, do you want to read my poem now? Don't worry, I'm not very good..."

: "You sound pretty confident for someone who claims to not be very good."

: “Well...that's 'cause I have to sound confident. That doesn't mean I always feel that way, you know?"

: "I see...well, let's read it, then."

This poem, and Monika's response, are identical to the first time we went through this scenario. Feel free to skip the following quote unless you're interested in a refresher.


BGM: Okay, Everyone! (Monika)

BGM: Okay, Everyone!

: “So...what do you think?"

: “'s very...freeform, if that's what you call it. Sorry, I'm not really the right person to ask for feedback..."

: “Ahaha. It's okay. Yeah, that kind of style has gotten pretty popular nowadays. That is, a lot of poems have been putting emphasis on the timing between words and lines. When performed out loud, it can be really powerful."

: “What was the inspiration behind this one?"

: “Ah...well, I'm not sure if I know how to put it..."

: “It's been influencing my poems a bit."

: “An epiphany?"

: “Yeah...something like that. I'm kind of nervous to talk about deep stuff like that, because it's kind of coming on strongly...maybe after everyone is better friends with each other. Anyway..."

: “Here's Monika's Writing Tip of the Day!"

: “Sometimes when you're writing a poem - or a story - your brain gets too fixated on a specific point...if you try so hard to make it perfect, then you'll never make any progress. Just force yourself to get something down on the paper, and tidy it up later! Another way to think about it is this: If you keep your pen in the same spot for too long, you'll just get a big dark puddle of ink. So just move your hand, and go with the flow!"

: “...That's my advice for today!"


It seems like Monika's changing her MO this time around. Hopefully that's a good thing...?

No time to worry about that now, though. Let's move on to Natsuki.

: "...?"

: “...Okay, well let's start with the things I don't like!"

: “First of all, um..."

: "..."

Natsuki re-reads my poem.

: “N-Never mind. I don't feel like giving you my opinion."


: "Eh? Then what's the point of sharing in the first place? I wrote this when I could have been doing other things."

: “Uu..."

: "In fact, remember how I said I wanted to read your poems? That's what I had in mind when writing this. I want to help you feel comfortable enough to share yours. Like Monika said."

: “Uuuu...! Well I would be more comfortable sharing my poem if yours was really bad!"

: “And you went and ruined it! I hope you're happy!"

: ", in other words, you're saying you liked it?"

: “Urk--"

Natsuki's retort gets caught in her throat.

: “Uuuuuuuuu...You're so...! You't understand anything, do you? I already told you that, you don't have to go announcing it to the world like you're all self-important!"

: "Pretty sure you never actually said that..."

I say that mostly to myself. Natsuki must really hate me or something. I can't figure out if it's a win or a loss that she liked my poem.

I love that Natsuki is angry with you regardless of whether she likes or hates your poem. She's really found a reason to get mad no matter what.

: "In any case... You still need to show me yours, right?"

: “Gr... Fine, I guess. Only because Monika will make me if I don't."


BGM: Okay, Everyone! (Natsuki)

BGM: Okay, Everyone!

: “Yeah...I told you that you weren't gonna like it."

: “I like it."

: “What? Just be honest!"

: “I am. Why are you so convinced that I wouldn't like it?"

: “Well--because!"

: “So people don't even take my writing seriously."

: “But isn't the point of poems for people to express themselves? Your writing style wouldn't make your message any less valid."

: “Yes! Exactly! I like when it's easy to read, but it hits you hard. Like in this poem. Seeing everyone around you do great things can be really I decided to write about it."

: “Yeah, I understand."

: “But the other nice thing about simple writing is that it puts more weight on the wordplay. Like I set up for a rhyme at the end, but then made it fall flat on purpose. It helps bring out the feeling in the last line."

: “So you did...I guess more went into it than I realized."

: “That's what it means to be a pro!"

: “Didn't expect that from the youngest one here, did you?"

: “Yeah...guess not."

I decide to humor her with that last comment. I don't really care how old everyone is, but if Natsuki is feeling proud then I won't take that away from her.


Charmed as always, Natsuki.

Now how's our favorite girl doing today?

Yuri has a different reaction to our poem due to the fact that we used cutesy words that she hates.

: “Mm..."

Yuri stares at the poem. A minute passes, more than enough time for her to finish reading.

: "Um..."

: “Oh! S-Sorry...! I forgot to start speaking..."

: “U-Um!"

: "It's fine, don't force yourself."

: “I'm not...I just need to put my thoughts into words."

: “Hold on...okay. This is your first time writing a poem, right?"

: "Er, yeah...why do you ask?"

: “I'm just making sure. I guessed that it might be after reading through it."

: "Ah, so it's that bad."

: “No!!...Did I just raise my voice...? Uu, I'm so sorry..."

Yuri buries her face in her hands.

Now there's the Yuri we know and love.

I couldn't help but notice that it's been several minutes and we really haven't gotten anywhere. It might take Yuri a while to get used to new people...

: "It's fine, I really didn't notice. What were you saying?"

: “'s just that there are specific writing habits that are usually typical of new writers."

And now we're back to rehashed territory. Behind quotes it goes!

This is really only going to be an issue for this particular poem day. Things are going to get more complex and not repeating very, very soon.


: “And having been through that myself, I kind of learned to pick up on them. I think the most noticeable thing I recognize in new writers is that they try to make their style very deliberate. In other words, they tend to pick a writing style separate from the topic matter, and they form-fit the two together. The end result is that both the style and the expressiveness are weakened."

Once Yuri finds her train of thought, it's as if her demeanor totally changes. Her stammering is completely gone, and she sounds like an expert.

: “There are so many different skills and techniques that go into writing even a simple poem. Not just finding them and building them, but getting them to work together is probably the most challenging part. It might take you some time, but it all comes with practice, and learning by example, and trying new things. I also hope that everyone else in the club gives you valuable feedback."

: “Natsuki can be a little bit biased, though..."

: “Biased? How?"

: “U-Um...well...never mind. I shouldn't be talking about people like that...sorry..."

: “It's fine."

I'm not sure if Yuri is apologizing to herself, to me, or to Natsuki.

: “Do you mind if I read your poem now?"

: “Please do! I'd love to share my thought process behind it..."

BGM: Okay, Everyone! (Yuri)

BGM: Okay, Everyone!

: “...I'm sorry I have such terrible handwriting!"

: “What?? I wasn't thinking that at all..."

: “But it took you a long time to read..."

: “Ah--well, I just don't read script very often...I actually think your handwriting is pretty."

: “Eh? That's...a relief..."

: “Also, I liked the poem. Even though it's short, it was really descriptive."

: “I usually write longer poems..."

: “Not at all."

: “I'm...really glad you like it. I'll be honest...since it's our first time sharing, I wanted to write something a little more mild. Something easy to digest, I suppose."

: “Are you into ghosts, Yuri?"

: “Huhu. Actually, the story isn't about a ghost at all, Mitayo."

: “Really? I must have totally missed the point..."

: “Well, I suppose you did only glance over it, after all...but remember that poets often express their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences in their work. They usually do more than tell a simple story, or paint a picture. In this case, perhaps the subject of the poem is only being symbolically compared to a ghost. Lingering in her last remaining place of comfort, unable to let go of the past. And soon to be left with nothing..."

: “...That's a lot more solemn, putting it that way. I hadn't even thought of that...that's impressive."

: “Eh? I-It's nothing, really! Yours was impressive too, so..."

: “Nah...if anything, I could probably learn a thing or two from you."

: “...You think so?"

: “Yeah, of course."

: “ know..."

: “But in the end, I enjoyed it. I'm going to keep doing my best for you, Mitayo."

: “ too."

: “It's nothing, makes me happy that you think that. Just remember that it won't be long before you pick up on these things, too."

: “Yeah, maybe you're right. I guess I'll have to keep trying."

: “I'm counting on you."



BGM: Ohayou Sayori!

I guess that's everyone. I glance around the room. That was a little more stressful than I anticipated. It's as if everyone is judging me for my mediocre writing abilities...even if they're just being nice, there's no way my poems can stand up to theirs. This is a literature club, after all. I sigh. I guess that's what I ended up getting myself into.

Across the room, Monika is writing something in her notebook. My eyes land on Yuri and Natsuki. They gingerly exchange sheets of paper, sharing their respective poems. As they read in tandem, I watch each of their expressions change. Natsuki's eyebrows furrow in frustration. Meanwhile, Yuri smiles sadly.

Repeated text! Activate fast-forward mode!


: “Eh? Um...did you say something?"

: “Oh, it's nothing."

Natsuki dismissively returns the poem to the desk with one hand.

: “I guess you could say it's fancy."

: “Ah-- Thanks..."

: “Cute? Did you completely miss the symbolism or something? It's clearly about the feeling of giving up. How can that be cute?"

: “I-I know that! I just meant...the language, I guess. I was trying to say something nice..."

: “Eh? You mean you have to try that hard to come up with something nice to say? Thanks, but it really didn't come out nice at all!"

: “Um..."

: “Hmph. If I was looking for suggestions, I would have asked someone who actually liked it. Which people did, by the way. Mitayo did, too! So based on that, I'll gladly give you some suggestions of my own. First of all--"

: “Excuse me...I appreciate the offer, but I've spent a long time establishing my writing style. I don't expect it to change anytime soon, unless of course I come across something particularly inspiring. Which I haven't yet."

: “And Mitayo liked my poem too, you know. He even told me he was impressed by it."

Natsuki suddenly stands up.

: “Oh? I didn't realize you were so invested in trying to impress our new member, Yuri."

BGM: Poem Panic!

: “E-Eh?! That's not what I...! Uu, you...You're just..."

Yuri stands up as well.

: “Huh! And how do you know he didn't appreciate my advice more?" Are you that full of yourself?"

: “I...! No...if I was full of myself...I would deliberately go out of my way to make everything I do overly cutesy!"

: “Uuuuuu...!"

: “Well, you know what?! I wasn't the one whose boobs magically grew a size bigger as soon as Mitayo started showing up!!"

: “N-Natsuki!!"

: “Um, Natsuki, that's a little--"


: “You really act as young as you look, Natsuki."

: “Me? Look who's talking, you wannabe edgy bitch!"

The gloves are coming off in a huge way.

: “Edgy...? Sorry that my lifestyle is too much for someone of your mental age to comprehend!"

BGM: 7g.ogg - a version of "Poem Panic!" that speeds up to a frantic pitch and is interspersed with static at random points.

I highly recommend that you watch the raw video file for this upcoming section. It's not as imperetive as it was for Sayori, mind you, but the visual effects are much more interesting in video than in text. This particular section starts around timestamp 5:02.

: “See?? Just saying that proves my point! Most people learn to get over themselves after they graduate middle school, you know."

Almost every sentence is interrupted by an angry screen pulse.

: “If you want to prove anything, then stop harassing others with your sickening attitude! You think you can counterbalance your toxic personality just by dressing and acting cute? The only cute thing about you is how hard you try."

: “Whoa, be careful or you might cut yourself on that edge, Yuri."


: “D-Did you just accuse me of cutting myself?? What the fuck is wrong with your head?!"

: “Yeah, go on! Let Mitayo hear everything you really think! I'm sure he'll be head over heels for you after this!"

: “A-Ah--!"

Suddenly, Yuri turns toward me, as if she just noticed I was standing here.

Oh God, please don't involve us in this.

The scene itself is getting filled with static now. Everything in this game is spiraling wildly out of control.

: “That's not true! She started it!"

: "..."

That's the last barrier - even Mitayo himself is glitching out!

Clicking…doesn’t work. All it does is makes the screen zoom in a little bit.

Only way to go from here…

Time to see how deep the rabbit hole goes…!


BGM: The 'music' (which is mostly just noise at this point) stops abruptly.

: “Um..."

: “Hey, Mitayo...why don't we step outside for a little bit? Okay?"

Yeah, that sounds good. What, uh...what even just happened back there?

BGM: Silence continues.

: “...they really shouldn't have tried to get you involved. It's probably better for us to stay out of this...we'll go back inside once they're done yelling."

I didn't want to be involved in that anyways. I didn't want that to HAPPEN. Good Lord, what's even happening in this club?

: “Ahaha...some president I am, right? I can't even confront my own club members properly...I just wish I was able to be a little more assertive sometimes. But I never have it in me to put my foot down against understand, right?"

: “Anyway...if this makes you want to spend less time with the others, then that's fine."

Suddenly, Natsuki runs out of the classroom.

Oh wow, she looks really upset over what just happened.

She quickly runs away.

The fight apparently got way worse after we left. The last time we danced this tango, Natsuki just sulked in the corner afterwards.

: “Oh dear...well, it looks like they're done..."

The screen pans and we go back in.

: “I didn't mean it..."

: “I didn't mean it...I didn't mean it..."

Yuri is rocking back and forth in her desk with her palms on her forehead.

: "Yuri...?"

Yuri's looking pretty worse for wear as well.

: "I-I believe you..."

I have no idea what Yuri might have said to Natsuki. Or did.

: “Mitayo. Please don't hate me. Please! I'm not like this! There's something wrong with me today..."

I know I usually give Yuri a hard time for the whole 'don't hate me' thing, but...this feels like a legitimate concern for her at this point. It's one thing to have a little argument with a friend, but this was an unbelievable escalation...and the words they shared, judging by the aftermath, were not pretty.

: “It's fine, Yuri. We know you didn't mean it. Besides, I'm sure Natsuki will forget all about it by tomorrow."

: “..."

Natsuki isn't really the forgiving type. I'm not sure if that will pan out the way Monika says it will.

: “Anyway, the meeting is over, so you can go home now if you want."

Yuri looks at me like she wants to say something. But she keeps glancing at Monika.

: “Y-You can go first, Monika...I'd like to stay a little bit longer."

: “I'm the President, so I should be the last one out. I'll wait for you to be done."

: “...Well-- I'm Vice President, so...please let me take that responsibility today."

: “It kind of sounds like you don't want me around for something, Yuri."

...can we not fight right now? Please?

: “I-It's not that! It's not that...I just...I didn't get much of a chance to discuss my book with would just be...embarrassing with you listening..."

: “*Sigh* I guess I don't really have a choice, do I?"

: “I-I'm sorry for causing trouble..."

Wow, that was, uh, abrupt.

I guess it's TIME FOR ANOTHER VOTE TIME? Same rules as always - do them haikus for a double vote score and whatnot. Group A, Group B, or Group C


Happiness, sadness, death, tragedy, alone, love, adventure, sweet, excitement, fireworks, romance, tears, depression, heart, marriage, passion, childhood, fun, color, hope, friends, family, party, vacation, lazy, daydream, pain, holiday, bed, feather, shame, fear, warm, flower, comfort, dance, sing, cry, laugh, dark, sunny, raincloud, calm, silly, flying, wonderful, unrequited, rose, together, promise, charm, beauty, cheer, smile, broken, precious, prayer, clumsy, forgive, nature, ocean, dazzle, special, music, lucky, misfortune, loud, peaceful, joy, sunset, fireflies, rainbow, hurt, play, sparkle, scars, empty, amazing, grief, embrace, extraordinary, awesome, defeat, hopeless, misery, treasure, bliss, memories

Cute, fluffy, pure, candy, shopping, puppy, kitty, clouds, lipstick, parfait, strawberry, pink, chocolate, heartbeat, kiss, melody, ribbon, jumpy, doki-doki, kawaii, skirt, cheeks, email, sticky, bouncy, shiny, nibble, fantasy, sugar, giggle, marshmallow, hop, skipping, peace, spinning, twirl, lollipop, poof, bubbles, whisper, summer, waterfall, swimsuit, vanilla, headphones, games, socks, hair, playground, nightgown, blanket, milk, pout, anger, papa, valentine, mouse, whistle, boop, bunny, anime, jump

Determination, suicide, imagination, secretive, vitality, existence, effulgent, crimson, whirlwind, afterimage, vertigo, disoriented, essence, ambient, starscape, disarray, contamination, intellectual, analysis, entropy, vivacious, uncanny, incongruent, wrath, heavensent, massacre, philosophy, fickle, tenacious, aura, unstable, inferno, incapable, destiny, infallible, agonizing, variance, uncontrollable, extreme, flee, dream, disaster, vivid, vibrant, question, fester, judgment, cage, explode, pleasure, lust, sensation, climax, electricity, disown, despise, infinite, eternity, time, universe, unending, raindrops, covet, unrestrained, landscape, portrait, journey, meager, anxiety, frightening, horror, melancholy, insight, atone, breathe, captive, desire, graveyard

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