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Part 17


BGM: Play With Me!

Well, aren't you chipper this morning?

: “I've been waiting for you. Are you ready to continue reading? I brought my best tea today--"

: “I told you not to-- she really late again?"

I can only assume that Natsuki is upset about Monika moving around her manga again, though it's not expressly stated.

: “Excuse me?"

: “Must you always interrupt my conversations with your incessant yelling?"

Oh. Well, maybe she's not quite as pleasant this morning as I thought.

: “What are you talking about?! You say that like I do it on a regular basis or something. I just wasn't paying attention, okay? I'm sorry."

: “Look...I did some thinking about yesterday. I was a little more hostile than I meant to be...I guess I really felt threatened or something. But I know this is something we're doing together. Another new member wouldn't hurt, as long as they're cool...and I guess another girl would be nice this time..."

: “So..."

: “--! ..."

That...seemed really uncalled for. Apparently whatever conclusion Yuri came to last night about the club and unity and whatnot is long gone now. As an aside, that would have gone differently had we made different decisions, so our input does still matter in the most basic of senses.

: “I'm the last one here again!"

: “Were you practicing piano again?"

: “Yeah...Ahaha..."

: “You must have a lot of determination. Starting this club, and still trying to make time for piano..."

: “Well, maybe not determination...but I guess passion. It motivates me to work hard for the festival, too."

: “Anyway, Mitayo...what do you want to do today? I was thinking we could--"

I...don't remember agreeing to this.

: “ that so, Yuri?"

: “That's correct. Mitayo is already engaged in a novel that we're reading together. Aren't you glad I've already gotten him into literature, Monika?"

: “I...I suppose..."

: “I was just--"

: “Actually, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. You guys can do whatever you want."

This is the first time we get to see this. Get used to it - you'll know what exactly I'm referring to soon enough.

: “Um... Thank you for understanding, Monika."


: “...Do you mind if I make some tea first?"

: "Not at all."

: “Thanks very much. If there's one thing that can make my reading time here any better, it's a nice cup of tea. Not to mention for yourself, as well."

Yuri stands up and makes her way to the closet. I follow and watch as she retrieves a small water pitcher from the shelf - the kind with a filter inside.

: “Can you hold this for a second?"

: "Sure..."

Yuri hands me the water pitcher and also fetches an electric kettle.

This portion of play time is nearly - if not completely - identical to the second play time with Yuri in the first timeline, but it's not long enough to justify fast-forward mode. It'll switch up very soon.

: “I'm going to plug this in at the teacher's desk, and then I'll go get some water."

She walks past me and sets the kettle down on the teacher's desk. I simply watch her movements. To my surprise, the way she moves really contrasts her speaking mannerisms. Especially because of her long legs, Yuri appears elegant and methodical.

: “Okay, may I have the water pitcher?"

: “Thanks. I'll be right back."

: "Ah, I might as well walk with you..."

: “You stay won't take long."

Pitcher in hand, Yuri hurries out of the classroom.

: “...did Yuri leave you again?"

: "No, it's not like that this time. She's just filling up the water pitcher to make tea."

: “Oh, okay! Sorry for misunderstanding~"


Ten minutes pass. Yuri said it wouldn't take something holding her up? I'm bored just waiting here, so I decide to go look for her.

BGM: Play With Me becomes muffled while in the hallway, as if someone is blasting it from inside the classroom and we can hear it through the walls. It's a nice touch.

The most logical place for Yuri to be would be the nearest water fountain...I start heading down the hallway.

???: "....Haah.....haah...."

...What's that noise? It's coming from around the sounds like breathing.

??? "Khhhhh--"

A sharp inhale, like someone is sucking the air through their teeth. Are they in pain...?

I have a bad feeling about this.

I reach the corner and peer around it.

: "Yuri...?"

...oh, Yuri...

Yuri's extremely-hinted-at-and-largely-suspected secret has now been confirmed.

Why she's cutting in the hallway of the school - or, allegedly, in our living room back in the first timeline - is something I can't explain to you.

BGM: Play With Me plays in reverse.

: “Mitayo, do you like oolong tea?"

...I...what now? As normal, Mitayo doesn't seem to notice that Superman just slammed into the planet and sent us back in time by a a couple of minutes.

The next little bit is a repeated scene so get your middle-mouse button a-scrolling. I'll tell you when to stop...but you probably won't need my help this time.


: “Ah, yeah. Anything is fine."

: “Very well."

Yuri sets the temperature on the kettle to 200 degrees.

: “Now it's time to get the teapot."

: “You really do this properly, don't you?"

: “Of course...I shouldn't do any less when I'm making tea for others."

: “Even if I'm not an expert on tea or anything...?"

: “Huhu. In that case, you'll only be even more impressed."

: “Ah...perhaps I will!"

Yuri fetches the teapot and begins measuring the tea leaves. To my surprise, she even starts humming a little to herself.

: “You must be in a good mood now..."

: “Is that so? I was letting it show...and you noticed. I was doing a bit of thinking...and I decided that I would try expressing myself a little bit more. It turns out it's not very hard for me to do...when it's you who's around, anyway."

: “Ah...that's great, Yuri! Just don't push yourself too much."

: “You're always worrying about me,'s very endearing."

: “That's..."

Yuri wasn't kidding...I don't even know if I can keep up with this...! I watch Yuri pour a cup of tea for each of us.

: “Mitayo, I have another request: do you mind if we sit on the floor today?"

: “Eh? Why's that?"

: “It's a little bit easier on my back...I can read with my back against the wall rather than bending over at my desk."

: “Ah, sorry, I didn't realize."

: “No worries. I just have back pain fairly regularly, so I do my best to manage it."

: “Is that so? I wonder why that is..."

: “It's most likely because my--ah--m-my..."

: “Your posture, right? Always hunched over like that while reading..."

: “Yes! I have terrible reading posture! So that's why we should sit on the floor."

: “Fair enough. I'll go ahead and get the book."

I retrieve the book from my bag.

: “Ah, I have some chocolate as well..."

It's a bag of small chocolate candies. I take it, since it'll go well with the tea.

Yuri and I then sit against the wall, teacups at our sides. As if in sync, we assume the same reading position as last time, each holding one half of the book. Except this time...our bodies are even closer to each other.

: “I can't see too well..."

: “--!"

Yuri slides closer until our shoulders are touching. How am I supposed to focus on reading like this...?! Yuri was always kind of cute, but...when she's being less apprehensive, it's almost more than I can handle!

: “Your teacup..."

Yuri hands me my teacup. Holding it with my hand that's not holding the book, I end up in a position that makes it even harder to focus. Because now I need to worry about making sure I don't accidentally touch her chest...! Meanwhile, Yuri hasn't noticed a single thing. She wears her intense reading expression, and I can only presume the world around her has faded away. I use all of my willpower to focus on reading.

After a few minutes, I finally manage to relax a little. I put the teacup between my legs and fumble with the chocolate wrapper.

: “Ah, sorry..."

I briefly let go of the book to finish opening the wrapper.

: “You can have as much as you want."

: “Ah, that's...that's okay, I won't take any..."

: “Eh? Are you sure?"

: “Well...if I touch it, then it might get smudges on the pages..."

: “Ah, you're right...I didn't even think about that. My bad..."

: “No need to apologize. I'll hold the book, okay?"

: “Are you sure...?"

: “Of course."

She holds it so that I don't have any harder of a time reading from it. But as a result, her left arm is practically resting on top of my leg.

: “Well, in that case..."

Yuri is already totally focused on reading again. I take a chocolate candy and pop it into my mouth. Then, I take another chocolate...and I hold it up to Yuri. She doesn't even look away from the book. She simply parts her lips, as if this situation was completely natural. But that means I can't stop here! I apprehensively place the chocolate in her mouth. Just like that, Yuri closes her lips over it.

: “Eh...?"

: “Did...did I just..."

Yuri looks at me like she needs to confirm what just happened.

: “U-Um...Mitayo..."

: “S-Sorry! I guess I shouldn't have done that..."


BGM: Music stops abruptly.

Yuri starts to breathe heavily.

: “I...I can't...Mitayo..."

Suddenly, Yuri forcefully grabs my arm and jerks me to my feet. My teacup gets knocked over.

The closet door slams shut and the lights go out.

: “My heart won't stop pounding, Mitayo..."

: “I can't calm down. I can't focus on anything anymore...!"

: “Can you feel it, Mitayo?"

Yuri suddenly presses my hand against her chest.

: “Why is this happening to me? I feel like I'm losing my mind..."

: “It even makes me not want to read...I just want..."

: “ look..."

: “ you."

This is way, way too far within the boundary of my personal space, Yuri.

: “...Haah..."

: “...Haah..."

: “...Haah..."

This lasts an...uncomfortably...long time.

After what feels like hours, the door opens.

: “"

I've never been so happy to see Monika - or literally anyone - in my entire life.


BGM: Okay, Everyone!

Interestingly enough, this is one of the few times where the order actually does matter (in a very, very basic way).

This is the last time we're doing this, so savor it like a precious jewel.

The raw video will be in tomorrow’s update since I did both together