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Part 19


This will be a short update because I have stuff I need to take care of today and I have strep throat so I feel like crap…but of all of the updates that could get away with being short, this is one of the most fitting.

BGM: 10-yuri.ogg.

I highly recommend that you watch the upcoming scene at the following link - the music and effects are important to experience the game properly. I fully understand if you choose not to - If that's the case, scroll down for the standard format.

There will be no commentary in this update. I'll see you all tomorrow.

BGM: 6s.ogg. From the Wiki: “This track is Play With Me slowed down four times.”

: “Alright, it's festival time!"

: “Wow, you got here before me? I thought I was pretty ea--"

Natsuki runs away.

: “Mitayo, did something happen? Natsuki just ran past me..."

: “...Oh..."

: “...Oh."

: “..."

: “Well, that's a shame. Wait, were you here the entire weekend, Mitayo? Oh, jeez..."

: “I didn't realize the script was broken that badly."

: “I'm super sorry! It must have been pretty boring..."

: “I'll make it up to you, okay? Just gimme a sec..."

: “I’m almost done. I just want to have a cupcake real quick!"

: “Seriously, these are the best! I really just had to have one, since it's the last time I'll ever get the chance to."

: “You know, before they stop existing and everything."

: “...But anyway, I really shouldn't be making you wait any longer. Just bear with me, okay?"

: “This should only take a second."

BGM: Just Monika. **New!**