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Part 24

22. (2/2)

THIS IS PART TWO OF THE UPDATE. If you haven't already seen Natsuki fall off of a chair, you're on the wrong update! Scroll up!

Alright, that was Natsuki scene number two. Next on the list and the last of today’s update: Natsuki’s baking course. To bring you up to speed, Sayori just went home because she was upset about stuff and Monika just asked who we wanted to spend the weekend helping in preparation for the festival. We chose good ol’ Natsuki because we like spending the weekend with an angry imp.

BGM: Doki Doki Literature Club! (modified - no "Doki Doki!" at the beginning)

: “And you guys made it sound like a lot of work, so it could probably use two people."

: “Don't worry! Baking is a ton of fun! You'll definitely agree!"

Yes, getting baked is always fun.

: “Eh? Just a minute ago you were saying that--"

: “Th-That's because--!...never mind, okay?"

: “Well,'ll be fine by yourself, right, Yuri?"

: “Of course."

Oh boy. All aboard the pity train. Choo choo!

: “..."

: “..."

: “That's...good..."

Even though Yuri is being melodramatic, it's a little hard to not feel bad...

: “So, that's everything, right? Anything else we need to talk about?"

: “No, I think that's it...are you guys excited?"

: “Yes! Everything except the performance is gonna be awesome!"

: “I don't think that really counts..."

: “What about you, Mitayo?"

: “Me? Ah, I guess you could say I'm interested to see how it'll turn out..."

Spoilers, Mitayo: the festival will be, uh, interesting.

: “What about you, Yuri?"

: “...Yuri?"

: “She's still sulking."

: “..."

: “..."

Natsuki starts pouting, too.

: “It's not...I mean, it's not that big of a deal or anything..."

: “Well, it might not be just that..."

: “...?"

: “I think that Yuri might just be feeling a little underappreciated in general. Having to come up with something for her to do, and then nobody offering to help."

In Yuri’s defense, that was kind of crappy of us.

: “That doesn't mean..."

: “Uu..."

Natsuki glances back and forth between everyone with a worried expression.

: “Look..."

Natsuki goes over and puts her hands down on Yuri's shoulders.

: “Yuri. You really are the most talented one here. And...and you're going to help make the event a lot more fun and welcoming. I mean, the cupcakes will probably help a lot too...but you're gonna make the atmosphere special. That'll be really important for the way that people feel during the performances. So..."

That’s the spirit! Stop being dumb!

Natsuki releases her hands and turns around to face the other direction.

: “ didn't...really mean that, did you?"

: “Um..."

: “N-Not really, but..."

Yuri isn't the only one surprised. Monika and I are also taken aback by Natsuki's words. Natsuki, of all people, to be saying such encouraging things. But I begin to understand. Natsuki was trying to sound like Sayori. Even if it didn't work perfectly, I can tell that she tried to say something Sayori would say at a time like this. Because Sayori always helps everyone smile and feel good about themselves.

: “I'm going to do my best. And all of us are going to make it a really great event."

: “Yeah."

: “Yeah!"

: “I hope to see everyone do their best."

: “But with that...there's nothing more for today. So I guess it's time for us to head out."

: “Okay, but I'm staying here a bit longer. I barely got to do any reading today, so..."

At least Natsuki has the Literature Club priorities in order. This is reading time, damn it!

: “Fair enough, there's nothing wrong with that."

Everyone packs up their things. I start to follow Monika and Yuri out the door as they chat between each other.

: “Eh...?"

BGM: Play With Me!

: “We still need to figure out our plans for this weekend. You literally would've gotten home and realized that you didn't even have a way to contact me."

Unlike Yuri, Natsuki probably doesn’t have our address memorized in advance.

: “Oh, that's true...I have no idea how that slipped my mind."

: “Jeez, good thing I stopped you. I'm giving you my number, okay? You'd better not make it weird or anything!"

: “Why would I do that...?"

: “Hmph..."

Natsuki gives me her number.

Awww, yeah, more digits. Gotta collect ‘em all so I can be a real Doki-Doki master.

: “Okay...I'm coming over on Sunday. I'll bring all the ingredients."

: “Wait! You're coming to my house?"

: “Well, yeah. What's wrong with that?"

: “I mean...I just figured that since I'm the one helping, I would be going to your house..."

: “Yeah, right. Like I could have a guy over my house..."

: “Really? That's kinda strict, if you ask me."

: “Yeah, how do you think I feel? I can't do anything when my dad is home..."

I mean, that depends on a lot of factors…initial thoughts, though, that does sound a tad strict.

: “Anyway...I just needed to complain for a second. We have each other's numbers now. That's all I needed from you. I guess I'll text you when I'm coming over."

: “Alright, fine by me."

: “Yeah. I'm really gonna show you why I love baking so much. So you'd better look forward to it."

Just please refrain from bringing any knives that aren’t for culinary purposes, please. Fool me once…

: “Oh? Didn't you say you were just going to give me the dirty work?"

: “Well--!"

: “It's not like I could act front of everyone...that I was looking forward to this."

: “Wait, really??"

: “Well, kind of! Just because...I never got to bake with someone else before. That's all it is, so..."


: “Alright, I get it. Sorry for overreacting. Anyway, I'll be heading out now. See you on Sunday."

: “Ah--...never mind."

If she ever spoke her real feelings I’m pretty sure her little head would explode.

Anyways, fast-forward to Sunday. We just got back from Sayori’s, where she dropped the bombshell of her depression on us and she told us to go have fun with Natsuki or she’d be upset with us.

BGM: Play With Me!

Before I know it, she texts me to let me know she's outside the front door. Without delay, I open the front door to let her in.

: “..."

I like Natsuki’s shirt. It’s got a little kitty on it.

: “...Hey."

I don't know what I was expecting, but seeing Natsuki in something other than her school uniform totally threw me off. Seeing her in such cute clothes makes the uniform seem totally unfitting in comparison.

: “Jeez, don't make it feel so awkward already! It's gonna be a long afternoon, so don't be weird just because you're not used to seeing me outside of school."

: “Anyway, I'm coming in."

: “I see you brought a lot of stuff..."

Natsuki is carrying a large bag that is probably full of baking supplies.

: “You bought everything I asked you to, right?"

: “Yeah, I did."

Yesterday, Natsuki asked me to buy a bunch of ingredients if I didn't already have them at home.

: “Good! Glad I could count on you to do your part."

: “Well...of course."

I'm surprised to hear Natsuki suddenly say that, rather than something snarky like she usually does. Could it be that she is a little different outside of school after all?

: “Anyway, let's go to the kitchen..."

: “What, you're not even gonna offer to take this heavy bag from me? Where's your hospitality, Mitayo?"

: “Come on...since when did I need to be a gentleman?"

Since ALWAYS. Jesus, Mitayo.

I grab the bag Natsuki holds out to me.

: “Ghk--this is ridiculously heavy--!"

: “Ahaha! I carried that all the way here. Are you impressed?"

: “I see now...yeah, I am impressed, Natsuki. It seems like I always underestimate you."

: “It's because I'm so small, isn't it? You jerk."

Natsuki hits a fist into my chest.

: “Hey, hey. Your size has nothing to do with it. Do you really hate being small that much?"

Well, it makes manga rearranging harder.

: “Eh?'s not like I hate it...I mean, sometimes I like proving people wrong when they only think I'm worth my size. It's fun when I get to be small and also better than other people. But...jeez, never mind! What are you making me say? Don't think you can make me talk about weird things just because we're not at school!"

: “Are we getting started, or what? There's a lot of stuff I gotta teach you."

: “Ahaha."

: “What??"

: “That's a little bit more like you. You're more fun when you just speak your mind like that."

: “H-Hey!"

: “I was just trying to be a little nicer to you, you know. And just because I don't have a mature and sexy figure like Yuri doesn't mean you should treat me like--"

: “A-Ah--"

Well, one thing’s for sure…you don’t have quite as interesting eyes.

Natsuki catches her words, and her face turns red.

: “Natsuki..."

: “Forget it! I didn't say anything!"

: “I should apologize."

: “Eh?"

: “I appreciate that you were trying to be nicer. I should have been a little more considerate, too. But also...if that's what you're thinking, then you should know that there are tons of guys who are into body types like yours."

This…kind of seems like a backhanded compliment.

: “ know that, anyway?"

: “Just trust me on this one."

: “..."

No kinkshaming, shorty.

: “Hey! Was that to me?"

: “Who else?"

: “Man...let's just get started already."

: “Ahaha! You get all sour when a girl calls you gross. I finally found your weakness, Mitayo."

Natsuki smiles deviously.

: “Please spare me..."

Well, if Natsuki decides to dish out more insults like that, there's no way I'm not fighting back. But she's satisfied enough for now, finally starting to pull things out of her bag so we can get started.

Not pictured: mess.

Spoons, dirty bowls, flour, spilled fluid, and plastic bags are strewn about every countertop. The mixer isn't big enough to make all the batter at once, so we've had to do it several times. Meanwhile, Natsuki is babysitting all of my movements to make sure I don't mess up her precious baking.

: “Mitayo, where did you put the food coloring? The batter's going in the oven soon, so I need to fill the trays."

: “I think it's still in the bag next to the table. What are you using it for?"

: “To color the batter, of course! I'm making each tray a different color. That way, even if the flavors aren't different, everyone can still pick their favorite."

: “Ah, that's a cute idea. Are we doing anything like that with the icing?"

: “Do you want to?"

: “'re asking me? I don't really have a preference, so..."

: “Come on..."

: “Can't you at least try to have fun?"

: “I'm having fun..."

When I was in high school, I had to come in on a Sunday to spend the day cooking for my cooking class. I kind of hated it because, you know, weekend. We did make some amazing homemade cinnamon rolls, though.

I'm not really sure what Natsuki is trying to get out of me. Meanwhile, I see her separate the batter into smaller bowls and put a few drops of food coloring into each.

: “Ah, that does look pretty cool."

: “See? It's not like baking is just about following instructions. The presentation is where you get to be creative and have the most fun. It's a million times more worth it in the end if just looking at it makes everyone's eyes lighten up."

: “Like the ones you made on my first day, huh?"

I recall Natsuki proudly presenting her cat-shaped cupcakes, and Sayori and Monika's delighted expressions. I wonder if I can make Natsuki proud like that, too.

: “Yeah...maybe I will use the food coloring, then."

: “Sounds like you're starting to understand. Just make sure you completely finish mixing the icing before you mess with the food coloring."

: “Yeah, it's getting there."

We were using the electric mixer for the batter, so I got stuck with a whisk and a huge bowl for the icing.

: “Eh? The icing's still all lumpy! Are you even trying?"


: “Well,'ll just take a little longer."

This was your idea. Do you have somewhere you need to be?

: “Here, look."

Natsuki grabs the whisk from me and uses her other hand to tilt the bowl back."

After a few seconds, the consistency of the icing has already improved.

: “See?"

As if to emphasize, Natsuki sticks a finger in the icing and pops it in her mouth. I reluctantly start to do the same.

: “Hey!"

Natsuki suddenly grabs my wrist.

: “I don't want your gross fingers in my icing."

: “Your icing, eh? Are you forgetting who did all the work?"

I start to fight back, trying to inch my finger toward the bowl.

: “I'd like to see you try!"

I imagine she’s a wiry little thing. She’d probably dominate you, Mitayo.

I push harder, just enough for my finger to reach the icing. I triumphantly scoop some with my finger just as Natsuki tugs with all her might.

: “Ah--!"

The force of Natsuki pulling me causes me to stumble, making her stumble in turn.

: “Gross!"

Is a “phrasing” too lewd here?

: “Whose fault is that?!"

There's a big glob of icing on Natsuki's cheek.

: “Nnn--"

She tries to reach it with her tongue, but it's too far away.

: “ know what? Take this!"

Natsuki instead wipes it off with her finger before shoving her finger toward my own face.

: “You wish--!"

I'm faster. I grab her wrist with my hand before it reaches my face. Natsuki tries to use her other hand to fight back, but I grab that one as well.

If this weren’t Doki Doki Literature Club, this would be a very different scene.

: “Ahahaha! Stop!"

: “Not until you apologize for calling me gross!"

: “Fine, fine! I'm sorry for calling you gross. You know I don't mean it. It's just fun seeing you react to it...You do that to me all the time, you know! Saying dumb things just to get a reaction out of me."

: “You really shouldn't tease girls like that."

: “Is that so?"

: “In that case, I probably shouldn't do this, either..."

I take Natsuki's finger and put it in my mouth, licking off the icing.

: “D-Did you seriously just--a-ah--"

I’m starting to think that Dan Salvato has a licking-fingers kink.

Natsuki is so surprised that she can't even figure out how to get mad at me. Her face is entirely red.

: “ really shouldn't do that kind of thing to girls...unless you really like know that...right?"

: “..."

What kind of question is she asking me, just like that? How did the mood turn to this so quickly?

This is a stock scene, regardless of which girl you’ve been courting up to this point.

: “I..."

Natsuki gazes at me in silence. I notice her shallow breaths. Why am I starting to feel dizzy...?

: “Eh?!"

Out of nowhere, the fire alarm starts going off. Natsuki rushes over to the oven.

: “Is something burning? I thought you didn't put the cupcakes in yet."

: “No left a dirty tray in here, dummy! How could you make a mistake like that?"

: “You should have checked before turning the oven on!"

: “Don't blame me for your mistakes!"

They’re both wrong, but Natsuki is more wrong in this case. Always check the oven first, jeez.

: “Jeez..."

Natsuki uses an oven mitt to grab the blackened tray out of the oven. She sets it on top of the stove. In another moment, the fire alarm stops.

: “Anyway... I'm...putting them in the oven now."

: “Yeah..."

The tension from the moment before still lingers over our heads. But the moment has already been lost. I watch as Natsuki slides the cupcake trays into the oven. Then, I reluctantly pick up the whisk and continue with the icing, like nothing ever happened.


The cupcakes are ready to be pulled out of the oven. As soon as Natsuki opens the oven door, a blast of sweet-smelling warm air fills the room.

Cupcakes taste the best when tinged with oven smoke.

: “Look at how cute they all look!"

She proudly shows off the different-colored cupcakes in each of the trays.

: “They'll look even better once we add the icing."

: “Not like you need to tell me that! I brought decorating stuff, so I hope you can get creative. Here, scoop the icing into these bags."

Natsuki hands me some plastic bags.

: “I have these nozzles that will make it look nice and fluffy. This one can even make flowers! We probably won't be using it this time, though."

: “What's this one for?"

I pick up one of the nozzles that has a much thinner tip than the others.

: “That one's really thin, so you can use it to make stripes or other patterns. But you can also use it to write stuff on a cake. Like, 'happy birthday!' or whatever."

: “Huh, I see...that gives me an idea, actually."

: “Eh?"

: “Well, it's a literature event, right? We could make it more literature-themed by writing a different word on each of the cupcakes. It would be fun to see people choose their cupcake based on a word they like."

I did a quick search for funny cupcakes but the best I could find was a dog-shaped chocolate pooing on a cupcake.

: “Uu..."

: “Hm?"

: “I was kind of expecting you to say something really stupid...but that's actually...a really cute idea, so..."

: “Ahaha. Maybe I'm getting it from you."

: “W-What's that supposed to mean?"

: “Come on...we're not at school, nobody's judging. You can't dress and act like this and not expect me to think you're cute."

”The way you’re dressed, you’re just asking to be called cute.” Classy.

: “W-Well..."

Natsuki's voice trails off.

: “Same with you..."

: “Eh? Did you say something?"

: “N-No, nothing! Let's just do the icing!"

Natsuki picks up the pace and fastens a nozzle onto each of the bags.

: “There's a lot to do, so we shouldn't be wasting time! Here, I'll show you how to do it."

Without giving me a chance to think about before, Natsuki quickly moves on. She shows me how to apply the icing, and then we each get to work.

When we're finally finished, Natsuki puts them all side by side to admire our work.

: “Yeah, they are, aren't they?"

: “Uu... I wish I could have one now!"

: “Well, there's no reason you can't, right? I don't see any harm in that."

: “Well, yeah, dad's making dinner tonight, so I really need to save my appetite."

: “Ahaha. Sayori's the exact opposite in that regard. If she was here, we'd probably be down ten cupcakes already."

: “And she would still eat dinner."

: “Come on, that's just unhealthy!"

: “...Well, anyway!"


: “I was hoping we would have time for manga, but I need to be home for dinner..."

: “Ah, already? That's a shame."

: “It's your fault for working so slowly! You should have thought about that. It's not like you'll always have this chance."

: “Man..."

As usual, Natsuki places the blame on me.

: “You can bring the cupcakes tomorrow, right? If you and Sayori each carry some, then you can probably do it in one trip."

: “Yeah, I can do that. And don't worry, I won't let her eat any."

I one-hundred percent promise you that Sayori will not eat a single one of these cupcakes.

: “Ahaha. I wish she would listen to me the way she listens to you."

: “Ah...yeah."

I again think back to the conversation I had with Sayori earlier today. I felt so helpless. Sayori always does listen to me, but at that point it felt like she couldn't listen to me at all.

: “Okay, I'm all packed up. Good work today!"

: “You too. I'll walk you out...I guess."


It feels like the afternoon went by in a flash. More than that...did I even take the opportunity to get closer to her, like I wanted?

You licked her finger. Was that not enough?

: “Well...I guess I'll be off, then...thanks for all the help and everything...I'll see you tomorrow."

: “Wait, Natsuki."

: “Eh?"

: “What you said before...about not always having this chance. It doesn't have to be that way at all! I had fun today. You showed me how fun baking can be, like you wanted. But aside from can come over anytime, okay? I think that if possible, I'd like to spend more time like this. If you want to read manga, or go out somewhere--"

: “Um--do you...really mean that?"

Natsuki looks at me tensely, like she's trying to hide her expression.

: “Yeah. I want to spend more time with you."

: “Mitayo...I thought you only cared about getting this done...Uu...I'm sorry I had to leave so early today. I really didn't want to!"

It makes me sad to think what her dad might do if she wasn’t on time for dinner.

: “I feel the same way as you, so..."

BGM: Music fades out.

Natsuki suddenly gets closer to me.

: “Wait, Natsuki--"

Standing inches from me, Natsuki looks up at me. I feel her fingers gently clutch at the sides of my shirt, as if holding onto me. Her rose-colored cheeks and matching eyes fill my vision, along with her slightly-parted lips. What is happening...? My head starts to go dizzy as I feel her soft breaths against me.

: “I've felt it...for a while now..."

When I first played this, I took the Sayori route. It’s a little weird to have this scene play regardless of who you pick – I was wanting her to take a step back the entire time. I clearly wanted someone else!

Natsuki suddenly jumps back.

: “S-Sayori?!"

: “Eh?!"

Oh, hey, speaking of which…

: “H-Hi, Mitayo..."

: “Sayori--! Just now, we weren't--"

: “Ehehe~ it's okay, Mitayo. I just stopped by to say hi~"

: “A-Ah...well...y-you should have come a little earlier!"

”Mitayo put my finger in his mouth. It was soooo funny!”

: “I'm already on my way out, so..."

: “Aw, really? That's too bad..."

: “Yeah, well...I'll still see you at the festival tomorrow, so it's fine."

: “Anyway, later!"

Clearly flustered, Natsuki hurries off, and Sayori waves goodbye.

And then we talk to Sayori and she admits our feelings and everything is fine forever and she definitely doesn’t kill herself.

This is a good segue into tomorrow’s update – Sayori’s route! We have three CGs to go before the next ending, let’s get this done!