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Part 25


BGM: Ohayou Sayori!

We're on the home stretch, boyos. We'll be getting the last three CGs in this update, which will unlock the 100% ending. We'll cover that next update, along with a few odds and ends, and then the game will be pretty much complete for this LP! That, however, is for tomorrow - today, let's focus on our best friend, Sayori. To bring you up to speed, this is the second day of the club and we just wrote a killer poem that appeals to her.

It looks like no one wants to be bothered today. I slump down into the nearest desk. How am I supposed to occupy myself with something literature-related by myself like this? I guess I could always read some of the book Yuri gave me...but I'm feeling a little too tired to read. I could probably fall asleep right now. I close my eyes and end up listening in on Sayori's conversation with Monika.

I think that you're going to be more cool than the anime club regardless, so you have that going for you.

: “Hmm...well, we can't give up. The festival is our chance to show everyone what literature is all about! The problem is that the idea of a literature club sounds too dense and intellectual...but it's not like that at all, you know? We just need a way of showing that to everyone...something that speaks to their creative minds."

: “Mmmmmmmmmmm.....that doesn't solve the problem, though!"

: “Eh? What do you mean?"

: “Even if we come up with the most fun thing ever...nobody will come in the first place if it's a literature event. So it's more important to figure out how to get people to show up in the first place, you know? And after they come, we can do the thing to speak to their creative minds."

...What's this? Sayori is taking this really seriously. It's rare to hear her deliberating like this.

: “Huh, that's a good that case, do you think food will do the trick?"

: “W-What kind?!"

: “Ah... Well, I guess we could--"

: “Ahaha. Good thinking. Natsuki would love to do that."

: “Ah! You're right! Natsuki makes the best cupcakes! That works out perfectly~"

: “That wasn't why you suggested it...?"

: “...cupcakes it is, then."

: “I'm hungry..."

I love this. Sayori wasn't really thinking about what would be most efficient to cater to the group's talents. She just wanted cupcakes.

: “Anyway, we still need to work out the details of the event itself..."

The screen fades to black as Mitayo supposedly shuts his eyes.

I find myself smiling. In the end, Sayori is still her usual self. But therein lies the unexpected reason I admire her. Unlike me, who has trouble finding any motivation at all...Sayori can put her mind to things and make them come to life. I suppose that's why I end up letting her get on my case about things. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to see the world through her eyes...

: "Uwaa--!"

Does no one in this club understand personal space? I mean, Sayori gets a pass considering best friend status, I guess...but still!

I open my eyes to find Sayori's face filling my vision. I nearly fall out of my chair.

: “Ehehe, sorry~ Wait! Actually, I'm not sorry at all! It's your fault for sleeping like that! This isn't the napping club!"

Well, let me know when we start the literature, then. Mitayo's sleepy.

: "Does our school have a napping club...?"

: “You're staying up late again, aren't you? Now that you're in a club, you're gonna have less time for anime, you know! You'll need to get used to it!"

: "Don't say that so loud...!"

I glance over my shoulder to see if Monika overheard.

Oh Gee I sure hope she doesn't find out that I'm into anime that would be so embarrassing.

: “It's true, though..."

: "Yeah...I know, I know. You're always looking out for me, Sayori."

: “It's what I do best!"

: "...That's a problem! What about you? You look out for me better than you look out for yourself. You're still oversleeping every day, aren't you?"

: “Eh? N-Not every day!"

This is extra enlightening considering what we know about her.

: "That's not very many days this past week have you gotten up on time?"

: "I knew it..."

: “C'monnnn! At least give me the benefit of the doubt..."

: "I can't even do that. Look, Sayori, it's written all over you."

: “Eh...?"

Sayori glances around at herself.

: “How is it written all over me?"

: "You were clearly in a rush this morning...look, your hair is sticking out all around here."

And here and here and here and...just...all of this. *points to entire head*

: “Ah--"

I run my fingertips down the side of Sayori's hair, trying to straighten it out.

: "Man, you really need a brush for this..."

: “My hair is just really hard to get right..."

: "I won't fall for that. There's more than just your hair. Look, your bow isn't straight, either. And there's a toothpaste stain on your collar right here."

I try to wipe off the stain with my finger.

: “B-But nobody would ever notice that..."

: "Of course they would. Nobody's gonna tell you about it because they don't want to embarrass you. Fortunately, I really don't care about that."

: “Hey, you meanie..."

: "And you don't even keep your blazer buttoned up. Seriously, Sayori...why do you think you don't have a boyfriend yet?"

: “Eh??"

: "Sorry, but you'll thank me later..."

This whole scene just has to be flat-out torture for Sayori. Mitayo doesn't know anything about what's going on in her head and he's inadvertently hitting all of the triggers.

I start to button her blazer from the bottom.

: "Once you see how much better it looks, you'll change your mind."

The perspective of this CG messes with my head.

: “Eheheh~ This is so funny."

: "What is?"

: “Well...I was just thinking how weird it is to have a friend who does these kinds of things."

: "Eh? D-Don't say that! You'll make me feel weird about it, stupid..."

: “It's okay, though. I'm happy we're like this. Aren't you?"

: "Ah-- I-I guess..."

: “Hey, be careful...the button might come off!"

: "Why is this one so hard to close...?"

I struggle to fully close the button near her chest.

: "Does this thing even fit you properly?"

: “Ehehe~"

: "Sigh...if you ever buttoned it, you would have noticed sooner that it doesn't fit you anymore."

I had never noticed that Sayori was practically dissheveled compared to the other girls until I saw this scene for the first time.

: "What are you smiling about?"

: “It means my boobs got bigger again!"

Is this a real thing? Is this something you would say aloud to an unattached male friend, particularly one that you have a crush on?

: "D-Don't say that out loud!!"

: “Ehehe~"

: " look much better now, so...ah..."

...Why does it feel strange to see Sayori's blazer buttoned up like that?

: “But it's so's not worth it at all!"

Sayori hastily unbuttons her blazer once more.

: “That's so much better~"

Sayori puts her arms out and twirls around.

: “So if I keep it unbuttoned then I won't get a boyfriend, right?"

: "What kind of logic is that? And why are you saying that like it's a good thing?"

: “Because...if I had a boyfriend, then he wouldn't even let you do things like this! And you take care of me better than anyone else would, that's why I'm keeping it unbuttoned!"

Definately not a subtle 'it could be you' vibe here.

: "Stop saying all these embarrassing things!"

: “Eh? I didn't say anything embarrassing..."

: "Jeez...well anyway, just focus on trying to wake up a little earlier..."

: “Only if you focus on going to bed earlier!"

: "Fine,'s a deal."

: “Ehehe~ I guess we really are better at taking care of each other than we are at taking care of ourselves."

: "Yeah, I guess so, huh..."

: “So maybe you should come wake me up in the morning!"

: "You're doing it again, Sayori..."

: “Aw, but I was joking that time!"

: "Man, it's impossible to tell with you sometimes."

: "Eh?"

Monika suddenly calls out.

: “Why don't we share the poems we wrote now?"

: “Yay~! Mitayo, I can't wait to read yours!"

: "Yeah, same..."

I fail to sound enthusiastic, but Sayori still trots away to retrieve her poem.

Part of me wonders how calculated that poem interruption actually was.


Scene one complete! Next up - the next day!

BGM: Ohayou Sayori!

Sayori suddenly comes up to me.

: “I'm gonna go get some supplies from another classroom. Want to come with me?"

: "Supplies? What for?"

: “Well, you know how the festival is coming up? Me and Monika were gonna make some posters and stuff. So I need to go find some crayons, and markers, and glue sticks..."


Are we not in high school?

: "Ah, I see. Sure, I'll go with you."

: “Yaay~ Okay Monika, we'll be back soon!"

: “Ah, are you going with Mitayo to get the supplies? There's no need to trouble yourself."


: “Aw, but I wanted to go! It's so much fun exploring empty classrooms and stuff!"

: “Hehe, okay, okay. It was just a suggestion. See if you can find poster paper too, okay?"

: “Okaay~! Ready, Mitayo?"

: "Yep, let's go."

I follow behind as Sayori hums and skips around the hallway. feels like I'm taking a kid to the mall or something. Sayori finds pleasure in the simplest things sometimes.

: "Hey, Sayori...what exactly are we doing for the festival, anyway? I'm not sure how you would make an event out of literature..."

It's not going to happen. You don't have to worry too much.

: “Ehehe! Me and Monika have it all planned out! Don't you worry~"

: "Is that so...?"

: "A performance...? Of what kind?"

: “Well...everyone is gonna take turns on stage and recite their favorite poems!"

: "Ah...that sounds..."

...kind of dull?

I would literally never attend this, especially back when I was in high school. I'd feel awkward taking a cupcake from a group I wasn't interested in, as well.

: “Mitayo! You're not thinking about it the right way at all! It's not just about reading's about performing them! Like, you say the lines of the poem like..."

: “...the last remaining flower beckons to me. I twist the stem, freeing it from its clinging roots...caressing the final joyous moment between my fingers.But to what ends have I summoned this joy? For now when I look in every direction...the once-prosperous field before me..."

: “ that!!"

: "Sayori..."

How do I put this...

: "I'm sure it's just me, but it's impossible for me to take you seriously when you talk like that..."

: “Ehhh? You meanie! I'm working super hard on this, you know!"

: "Ah, I know, I know! I just meant that it's a pretty unordinary contrast to your cute self."

: “Ahaha! Don't say that, it's embarrassing! But I guess that means I'm doing a good job~"

: "Yeah, I guess so..."

: “Aaah, I'm so excited! The festival is going to be so much fun~"

Sayori spins herself around in the hallway again.

There's a serious thought that I'll cover tomorrow that states thatSayori knew full well that she wouldn't attend the festival.

: “Hey, Mitayo, this classroom over here is empty! Let's begin the mission!"

: "The mission, eh...?"

It's been a long time since I've spent time with Sayori like this. But in the end, she hasn't changed one bit. She's nothing but a ball of sunshine, drawing happy vibes from the world around her.

Yep, you got her pegged to a tee.

It's a pretty nostalgic feeling for me. As the years went by, I began to hole myself up in my room more and more. So going adventuring with Sayori brings about a special sort of feeling I forgot I had in me.

Sayori heads straight to the closet, and I follow.

: “Let's see what we have in here..."

Sayori pulls a box full of crayons off the shelf.

: “They're the best brand, too! They're kind of dirty, though..."

Sayori starts pulling various crayons out of the box, reading the color names.

: "Alright, that's one down. Don't get distracted, we still need to find--"

: “Wait, I'm looking for my favorite color..."

: "Fine, fine...then at least move aside so I can look for the poster paper."

: “Ah, I dropped one by accident--"

Oh, hey, Sayori does indeed make the >_< face.

: “Kya--!"

Sayori bends over and smacks her forehead right into the shelf. She falls to the floor, and the crayons spill all over her lap.

: “Owowowowow..."

: "You okay?"

: “My forehead..."

Sayori clutches her forehead.

: "Jeez, Sayori...that's just like you, isn't it? C'mon, let me see."

Since Sayori is sitting on the floor, I grab her by the waist and pull her out of the closet.

: "You have to move your hands, Sayori..."

: “But it hurts..."

: "Just do it for a second."

Sayori slowly releases her hands from her forehead. I gently brush her bangs to the side.

: “Ow--!"

: "Sorry..."

There's a huge red mark on the center of her forehead. A bump is starting to form, as well.

And Sayori dies from blunt force trauma. Monika's cunning knows no bounds.

: "Man, that's gonna swell up. I should find you some ice..."

: “Mitayo..."

: "Where would I even find ice around this time...? Ah, I guess a cold drink would do..."

: “You don't have to--!"

Even wincing from the pain, Sayori makes a silly joke.

: "Ahaha, what are you saying? I'll be right back, okay?"

: “O-Okay..."

More subtle signs that she does not want to be worried about. Because she doesn't think she's worth the effort.

BGM: Music fades out.

I pat Sayori on the shoulder and run out into the hallway. I locate the nearest vending machine.

: "What should I get...?"

It doesn't really matter, since it will be used as an ice pack, rather than to drink. But I know Sayori likes apple juice, so I purchase that one. In just a moment, I'm already returning to the classroom where I left Sayori.

That's a subtle little tender moment. I can assure you that Mitayo has no idea what the other girls prefer to drink.

BGM: My Feelings

She has one palm on her forehead and is using the other hand to clumsily scoop crayons back into the box.

...crayons have a correct spot?

: "Sayori, here."

I hand Sayori the bottle of apple juice.

: “It's nice and cold..."

Sayori opens the cap and starts drinking from it.

: "Sayori, what are you doing?! It's for your forehead, idiot!"

: “Ah--sorry, I forgot~ Ahahaha!"

Sayori is a precious treasure.

: "How hard did you hit your head...?"

Sayori places the bottle against the bump on her head.

: “It stings..."

: "Just bear with it, it'll feel better soon. Looks like you cleaned up most of the crayons, so that's good."

: “...this kind of reminds you of growing up, doesn't it...?"

: "Eh? What do you mean?"

: “You know how we used to play outside all the time...I would always try to keep up with you. You were kind of oblivious in some I usually fell behind or had trouble climbing on the things you did...but sometimes when I tried to do things I couldn't, I would get myself hurt. I'd fall and scrape myself, or get a bump...and I would start crying really hard."

: “Ahaha! And you would rush over as quick as you could. You would try really hard to get me to stop crying. It was almost like you blamed yourself and were afraid of getting in trouble if someone found out...even though it really wasn't your fault at all, you know?"

: "Did I really do that...?"

: “ don't remember?"

: "Come to think of it, maybe I do remember a bit...I guess I was always so focused on my games that I didn't pay enough attention to you. So in a way, it was my fault. Kind of like this time, too...if I wasn't rushing you out of the closet, you probably wouldn't have hit your head."

: “Mitayo...I don't think you realize it, but you're always thinking about other people. Even after all these're rushing to help me, even though I'm just being clumsy."

: "D-Don't call me that! And I don't really do this kind of thing all the time...I guess when it comes to you, it just feels natural."

: "Before I even know it, I'm treating you like that. I guess that's what happens when you've been friends for so long."

: “Really...? Maybe you're right...Mitayo...I'm so glad that nothing's changed between us."

: "Forever...?"

If I'm honest to myself...there's no telling where we'll each end up for college, or after that. So it wouldn't be fair for me to make any promises. But..."

: "Well, I hope so. It's been this long already, right? I can't imagine you ever changing, so my hopes are up."

: “I'm so happy..."

Sayori has a whimsical expression in her eyes. We remain silent for a moment. She's so silly and clumsy on the outside that when I see her deep in thought like makes me not want to disturb her.

: “I guess we should go back..."

: “I don't want to worry Monika, you know?"

: "Good luck with that. She's gonna see your forehead either way."

: “Not if I hide it under my bangs~"

BGM: Daijoubu!

Sayori hops to her feet.

She clutches her forehead again.

: "Don't stand up so fast after hurting yourself!"

: “Uuuu..."

: "Well, I guess it's too late now...anyway, let's go."

I follow Sayori out of the classroom. Sayori plays with her bangs to try to hide the bump, but without much success. In a moment, we make it back to the clubroom.

: “Good timing, I was just about ready to start with sharing our poems."

: “Eh? Sayori, your forehead..."

"...did I do that? I don't remember...ah, never mind!"

: "She's fine, don't worry about--"

: "..."

: “..."

: “...Well, anyway! Were you able to find everything we needed?"

I imagine that she just did a little facepalm there.

: “Uh-huh! I have it right--"

: “...Eh?"

Sayori frantically glances around herself.

: “I...forgot all of the stuff!!"

: "Calm down, Sayori. I have it all right here. I found the poster paper, too."

: “Ahaha! Sounds like you ended up doing all the work, Mitayo."

: "Ah, well, Sayori--"

I fail to come up with an excuse for Sayori.

That's putting it mildly. You probably have a concussion.

: "...Yeah, that."

: “Ahaha, okay, okay. In any case, good work! I'll start working on the posters tonight."

: “Me too!"

: “...Okay, everyone! Are you ready to share your poems?"

: "Guess I should grab mine..."

After making sure the crayon box is closed tightly, I return to my seat.


Our final scene of the day - and the last CG - comes from confessing our true feelings for Sayori instead of metaphorically punching her in the gut.

BGM: My Confession

: “Eh--?"

: "Those are my true feelings. So...there's no way you could like me more than I like you. I should have realized it sooner. But spending time with everyone at the club...making new friends...and having fun with you every helped me realize that you are truly the most important person to me. That's why I'll accept any of your burdens."

: "As long as we continue like this every day...with you by my side...then I know we'll both be happy."

: “Mitayo..."

Suddenly, Sayori wraps her arms tightly around me.

: “ this...really okay?"

: "Yeah."

I hold Sayori in my arms and pull her closer.

: "You'll never have to let go of me again."

: “I love you, Mitayo...I want to be with you forever."

: "Me too."

: “..."

I feel Sayori's grip around me weaken a little bit.

: “What is this...?"

: "Sayori...?"

: “I'm supposed to be happy right now...I always thought this would be the happiest moment for me. But why...? Even now..."

: “They're not going away at all, Mitayo..."

: "It's okay, might take some time for things to get better again. But no matter how long it takes, I'll be there every step of the way. That's all that matters right now."

: “ you..."

Sayori and I slowly release each other.

: "So...I guess that makes the festival tomorrow...our first date, huh?"

: “Ehehe...what are you saying? I don't want to think about those things, you know? I want everything to be the same as it always has been. Even if we really are...a couple. I don't know if I could handle anything more right's really new and scary to me."

: "I understand. We'll go at whatever pace suits you best."

: “Hey, Mitayo..."

Sayori gazes at me once again, smiling sadly.

: “Even if I get really, really sad..."

: "Eh...?"

I don't really understand what Sayori means by that.

: "Are you saying that this is making you feel sad, Sayori?"

: “I-I don't know...I don't understand what I'm feeling. It felt like a bunch of thorns when you told me you love me...but that's why I want to trust you. You know what's best for me..."

: "...Yeah. I do. That's my promise."

I say that, but in reality, I've never felt more uncertain when it comes to Sayori. I know that I love her, and she loves me. But I'm having as much trouble understanding Sayori's feelings as she is. Even though I can comfort her...I keep wondering if I should be doing something more, or something different. I know these thoughts will continue to plague me until things are back to the way they were. Is that what Sayori meant by not wanting anything to change?

I don't know. But I know that I'll give it everything I've got. Sayori is the most important person to me.

As you might imagine, this route not save Sayori. Instead of saying that we shouldn't have rejected her, Mitayo blames himself for confessing love to her, saying that that wasn't what she needed right there and then. There is no saving this timeline, anyways.

ANYWAYS that's all that. We've collected all the CGs, so next time - odds, ends, and the grand conclusionish of Doki Doki Literature Club!