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Part 5: Mictlan - Turns 9-10

Actually Im going to do turns 9 and 10 too, because they are fairly short and uninteresting.

Turn 9

My original plan of using the mercenaries and the small group of jaguars to expand east goes awry as a wild Hinnom has appeared. I end up talking things over with him, and send him a sum of gold in exchange for the province. I'd like to have the province just so I cant use the bridge for defensive movement in case of Hinnom attacking me. Additionally Buildscharacter and I have decent relations, so he is likely to acquiesce to the deal. Even if a short term gold infusion probably isn't worth the province in the long term (though I did pay a fair sum for it).

Therefore I rearrange my expansion parties. The mercenaries are a dedicated squad of melee troops, so I set them up front instead of my slingers, who are really just good for catching arrows and dying. I put them in the back and give them new orders to fire on archers. They will likely have to run forward due to their short range, but they are likely to be out of harms way. The jaguars continue to be back and to the side a bit.

Turn 10

I meet Sauromatia on my southwestern border. Things are quickly becoming crowded, and I really have to start planning on invading someone as Mictlan's troops pack quite a punch early on, but begin to drop off against magic. Additionally I send an independent commander to go build a fort in my newly captured forest province.

A province which I found a nice already unveiled bonus site. Its only one nature gem, but at least its something.