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Dominions 3

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Part 7: Mictlan - Turns 13-14

Never stop posting.

Turn 13

So the only really notable thing from my event log was I got another hero! Two in year one without luck scales! ++good This guy is slightly less impressive than the other hero. He is kind of a mini thug chassis, 15 hp with good-ish all around stats, flying, and the ability to self bless.

However, 15 hp thugs are a huge risk and liable to die, and this guy has something more important, air magic! Unfortunately, he only has A1, so he can't even remote search. I could use him to fly around and manually site search provinces, but truthfully Im likely to just keep him at home and research. Also probably fly and build temples and labs at forts.

So it turns out that Arcoscephale didn't attack me. I don't believe Dexanth is silly enough to leave troops on my border for more than one turn if he is planning on attacking. Therefore, I have to believe that these are from a freespawn unit event. However, chatter from IoD on IRC has led me to believe Dexanth is plotting against me anyways, so I have an incentive to invade him.

Its also helped by the huge dive his army graph took this turn.

Turn 14

A few things to mention here. I sent out by D3B3H3 hero to go manually site search. I don't have the research to remote site search, nor do I have the gems, so he is relegated to finding gems the hard way. This turn he found a site that gave 2D gems a turn. The event in Pranda was an increase in resources, but the total number went from something like 14 to 20, big deal (and I don't have a fort on the province).

The battles are the important part though. I sent my stack of troops into attack the infantry freespawn. Most of them died and I lost a slinger and an elephant mercenary. This is kind of to be expected though, since Arcoscephale's low light armored infantry are pretty bad. They work best as arrow catchers and not much else.

Meanwhile, :Smaug: took his province with little fanfare. Not much to be said in that regard.

I go ahead and divide up my troop squadrons at this point. I'm banking on the group that just killed the eventspawn infantry to take the province they're moving into, and then my other two groups of men will meet up on the other side of Arco's capital. From there I can use both of them to take his capital out of commission. I'd like to ideally shut down his Oreiad production as they are one of the most versatile and useful parts of Arco, and denying Dexanth as many of those as possible would be ideal.

Im under the impression that most of Arco's strength is congregated in his northern portion, so I'm worried about sending :Smaug: up there alone. He can most likely take anything that Arco has at this point, but I play Dominions like I play roguelikes, minimize unnecessary risk at every opportunity.