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Dominions 3

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Part 8: Mictlan - Turns 15-16

Turn 15

A couple of battles, and my eagle warrior hero found two magic sites, awesome! It turns out that those magic sites are both +2A sites, which gives me a grand total of 4 air income a turn! Unfortunately, he is also my only mage with air magic, which means its fairly difficult for me to make use of air gems. However, since I have 4 income a turn, I'll find a good use for them eventually. As with every turn, I check to make sure the battles went okay.

That is not okay at all. Not one bit. Let's load up this battle and see what went wrong.

Oh wow. That's a lot of province defense. That's something ridiculous like 40 points of PD. I'm not even entirely sure it was necessary to bring Rainbow Dash in here to help.

These chumps right here? They die horribly.

The other battle this turn was :Smaug: attacking the eastern province. I had originally moved Smaug in that direction in attempts to avoid what I thought would be a defensive trap, but it appears he neither reinforced his capital nor the adjacent province. Oh well, I guess I still took a province.

I move the now mostly dead group back to my second fort to reinforce them, and I split up my other groups, one heads east and the other goes further up north. I expect Dexanth will send Rainbow Dash back to his capital since I'm threatening it, so I want to avoid attacking it this turn. Additionally, I think he likely has a few Oreiads sitting on his capital, which means they could potentially seduce my commanders. Something else I would like to avoid for now.

The reason I'm sending Smaug back instead of heading further into Arco is because of the interaction of Dominion and god HP. Each point of hostile or friendly dominion reduces or increases your maximum HP by 20%, down to a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 300%. In this case :Smaug: is in 4 points of hostile dominion, which is enough to bring him down to the minimum of 20%. You can have more HP than your maximum by bouncing back and forth between provinces that increase your maximum and lower it. By doing so I can make it so :Smaug: isn't fighting with an extremely risky 25 hp in every battle. Therefore, I fly him back to my fort, where there is 6 points of friendly dominion.

As an additional side note, the way afflictions happen is by computing the damage you take vs. your maximum hp. The formula is I believe just damage/max hp. So if I'm fighting in a province where my maximum HP is 25, and I have something like 375 carryover HP, I have a lot of opportunities to wrack up afflictions. Something that I would in general like to avoid. However, as long as I'm on the offensive it is likely to be a problem.

Turn 16

There wasn't really anything important from the messages except for two battles. One of which was Dexanth attacking the eastern province with 40 militia. Not much actually happens this turn, Dexanth recruited a group of mercenaries to attack my western province, so I moved the now reinforced group that was destroyed to go intercept them. I send :Smaug: to go land on his capital, and otherwise continue expanding into his territory.

These are the results of his militia attack, by the way. Poor militia, they never stood a chance.