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Part 100: Ermor - Turns 22-25

Turn 22-25

Spawn infinite skeletons.

I’m mostly going to start leaving off a lot of the description I’ve been giving. I’m sure you guys get the point about what I’m doing. (Hint: The answer is struggle endlessly against invaders.)

Something I will note though. Rlyeh and I have been coordinating in regards to my very few raiding squads that still exist outside my island. Flavahbeast had been sending me messages telling me which provinces he was invading down south. So I had just been avoiding those and attacking whatever else there was. However, this past turn I never got a message from Flavah, turns out it was because my IRC was disconnected when he sent it. So my Arch Censor collided into one of his armies. So ends his raiding shenanigans.

Mictlan is definitely blood sacrificing, so Im going to try and kick him out of one of those forts. Bogarus’s big army disappeared. He might have pulled them back to defend against Rlyeh, or he was just tired of starving to death all the time. Either way he sent a smaller detachment to go attack my non capital fort, so I go to kick him off. I basically ignore C’tis’s continued advances for now.

Speaking of Rlyeh though, let’s check out the province graph, it is close enough to the end of year 2.

Yep. That’s a lot of territory. That’s basically Flavah killing everyone again. At least my strategy of ‘die a lot while Flavah kills the world,’ seems to be working.

I end up killing Bogarus’s small detachment.

Storming the southwestern fort, and hoping to kick Bogarus off my island entirely.