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Part 101: Ermor - Turns 25-27

Turn 25-27

Short turns ahoy!

I start storming Bogaru’s sole remaining fort on my island, and I send A Closet of Skeletons out to go fight Mictlan’s advancing army. I basically decide to ignore C’tis entirely for now.

I lost the battle against Mictlan, but not before killing some guys (which he promptly reinforces with more guys), and I successfully storm the castle and Bogarus is off of my island for now.

Mictlan’s army actually pivots, so A Closet of Skeletons takes the province successfully, but pretty much because he didn’t fight anyone. Mictlan also tore down my old fort, which is in my opinion a smart idea, since the fort doesn’t really provide them much benefit (though it did let Mictlan sacrifice somewhat more safely, and forts are incredibly annoying for Ermor to storm.) However people haven’t been fighting me inside forts, they’ve been fighting me outside them, so that point isn’t really that consequential anyways.