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Part 109: Hinnom - Turn 9

Turn 9
Well, here we have it. All the fruits of my scheming. The first blow struck against Lanka by the glorious Axis of EvilGood Guys. This is a blow for freedom after Lanka's naked aggression against poor TC! No longer will Lanka run rough-shod over the people of the world! Et cetera.

The battles in Oak Halls are expansion armies from Pan and Sauro clashing. The battle in Nardago is my magnificent fat shetland pony chariots racing across the bridge and crushing the indies there. As Lilli mentioned, she paid me some monies for this province and also agreed not to attack me until turn 20. So I'm going back to my side of the river and my chariots will meet up with a Melqart and five Dawn Guard before heading West to capture the last province on my side of the river and then out into the great unknown.

Here is the strategic map. You can see I won the first battle against Lanka! Huzzah!

From the battle report it looks like it was a resounding victory on my part. Frankly, I didn't expect this to go as well as it did. He must have brought some of his starting army instead of his Palankasha.

Oh. Huh. So 13 Dawn Guard vs. 7 Palankasha is a big win for the Dawn Guard.

I try to set a little trap for him by jacking up the province defense in Nardago. I know he has to attack me as I'm threatening his cap and this should give my two staunch allies, T'ien Ch'i and Sauromatia time to attack and take the rest of his land. At this point I'm feeling pretty good. I split the ten remaining dawn guard up into two groups and have one on each side of the battlefield set to hold and attack rear. Hopefully one of them will make it through and kill his commanders while his main attacking force gets bogged down in my province defense.

Recruiting this turn is just a single Melqart because they're incredibly expensive. Two Melqarts costs more than a castle!

I checked in with Sauro and TC this turn and they're both still onboard with the plan. TC said it might take him a turn to recover from the troops he lost but he's going to take that province north of Lanka's cap and join me in threatening Lanka proper. Everything is going really well for me. We should have Lanka wrapped up in a few more turns and then we can turn our gaze outward.