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Part 110: Hinnom - Turn 10

Turn 10

Well then, let's just take a look at what happened this turn. Did my clever trap work?

Shit, run!

Well, that sucked. As TheDemon kindly pointed out, it's usually a good idea to figure out why you won or lost. I was hoping to gloss over that because, frankly, I hadn't really thought too much about it at the time. I don't think as much about it as I should at this point either. My thought process is: outnumber two to one with dawn guard then win, otherwise lose. What TheDemon says about distribution of attacks is exactly right and his attention to detail is one of the reasons he's better at this than I am.

In response I decide to change tacks and start recruiting nets. My reasoning is that nets are awesome and dawn guard armor isn't doing much for them against palankasha's high strength. I can also recruit a lot more a lot faster. I move my prophet up to banish his attacking palankasha.

These guys are lightly armored and have nets. They also have high strength. When a palankasha is caught in a net it will be unable to defend itself (or attack) and I'm hoping their neanderthal strength is high enough to kill any disabled palankasha before they can cast off the net and resume murdering my poor cavemen. Also, they're cavemen and that's pretty sweet.

One of the things I do that I think is clever is moving a commander to Nardago. It will either hit TheDemon's forces and stop them from attacking me, get stuck in the province it's in or they'll pass each other like two ships in the night and I'll cut off his retreat and, hopefully, force him to backtrack to protect his line of retreat. So two of three results are good for me. Attacking a larger force with one commander or scout is walking dangerously close to an exploit, but as this commander can actually take PD by himself and my goal here is really to cut off retreat I think I'm OK.

Dude! How's it going?
Good, good.
So, how's war with Lanka going? I saw you got kind of rocked but you're staying strong and regrouping right?
Oh yeah, definitely.
Cool, cool. I had a rough turn this time but if we stick together we'll wear him down. No way anyone can win 3v1, not even TheDemon as Lanka!
Oh yeah, that's a great plan. Definitely.

I could kill you and every single one of your friends and theres not a thing you can do to stop me.
Dude, uh, is this what you call diplomacy?
Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?
Uh, dude.
Well that's the great irony here, because I want the one thing that T'ien Ch'i didn't. I want to get off this island.
Dude, what?
You can keep fighting, losing gold and time, you can give in like T'ien Ch'i did. The third choice is we just go. We just get the hell off this Island.
Dude, what did you say about TC?

Uh, dude. I heard you're not fighting TheDemon anymore. What happened to our plan?
I'm sorry Hinnom, I don't know what you're talking about.
But you said... duuuude.