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Part 111: Hinnom - Turn 11

Turn 11

Let's see what that big stack of Palankasha did this turn? Maybe they decided to head back home!

That's kind of a lot of battles, maybe some of them went well.

That's a promising start. I cut off his retreat. Maybe the main battle went well too!

Oh... Yeah, that's two Melqarts we lost there. Two turns of capital commander recruitment. I will leave TheDemon to gloat over how much gold worth of commander he killed there.

We're going to need some more chicken.

Well, let's take a look at the strategic position. Maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

King Hippo Jr. and five dawn guard head back to reinforce the capital, or to relieve it if Lanka manages to siege it.

Speaking of the cap, here is the plan of defense. I have two groups of cavemen with nets on either side of the 25 PD. From the battle in Nardago I know that 25 PD will keep his palankasha occupied for a turn or two so hopefully the cavemans can hit the palankasha from the sides and trap them in nets while my PD stabs them to death. Meanwhile the prophet OM NOM NOM NOM! will be blasting the Palankasha with banishment. And in front are some archers. I'm not sure why I put them in front like that but it was a mistake. Oops? They should be sitting about 2/5 of the way back, just in front of the PD so their short bows can reach the palankasha on the first turn and then the PD can move through them to engage while they continue shooting. Like I said, oops. The auspiciously named DIE MONKIES DIE! will try to melt the feeble pea sized brains of incoming palankasha and raksharaja. I want him to go out and fight but after losing two Melqarts last turn I'm going to be a tiny bit more cautious for at least this turn.

Taking a closer look at the battle you can see I set Hungrierest Hippo on attack rear and he almost makes it before the horde of palankasha beats him to death with his own horns. TheDemon's troop scripting is still pretty straightforward. Mages zap my dudes while palankasha get stuck in straight away.

Recruiting is another Melqart, more cavemen and a couple dawn guard. Things are going... poorly for me. The only bright spot is that HUNGRIEST HIPPO managed to take Nardago, forcing Lanka to decide between forging onward and protecting his line of retreat. It's scant comfort with 25 Palankasha eyeing Hinnom hungrily.