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Part 118: Hinnom - Turn 20

Turn 20

When last we left our merry band of heroes they were trying desperately to escape the evil clutches of the murderous man in black while our fearless leader wallowed in the depths of despair. How did they fare?

I'm still mired in the depths of despair, but both Melqarts escaped (yay a plan worked!). That assassination? One of TheDemon's rakshasi was the target and she just walked over and punched our assassin's nose through the back of his head. Ouch.

Here you can see the fate of the remaining archers who disagreed with King Hippo about animes. No less than they deserved. I'm planning on sending a Melqart down there to clean up if I everonce I beat TheDemon.

Our UW mercenaries do their job, securing a foothold underwater. Scientists at the capital are immediately put to work developing tubs of ranch dressing that don't dissolve underwater.

I recruit a Ba'al and some more dawn guard (because they've been working so well).

I have a decent force built up in the cap. They'll move out soon enough.

The two escapees move south to join the rest of the Meqlarts researching waterproof Cheetos.

You sandbagging motherfucker!

So... There's a thing I have been putting off talking about. Let's take a ride in the wayback machine to turn 6.

Remember that turn? Things were going so well back then. Really, really well. See, I've been waiting until the lab in Histyra was complete to reveal what I saw there.

A winning lottery ticket! My luck is about to change! For the worse, as we've seen.

Oh, and a site.

A construction discount site. This makes everything I forge cost 20% less.

I think it's probably the fourth best discount site I could get, behind blood, alteration and conjuration.

So, why is a construction discount site so good? One of Hinnom's strengths is that with a bit of kit their recruitable giants can all do work as heavy thugs and light SCs. A construction site will make that gear cheaper so I can make more of it. But, that's not the big thing a construction site does for me.

The big thing I get out of this site is cheaper gemgens. Given enough time, and a player who doesn't make colossal mistakes like being incredibly bad at making gemgens, this site will let me break the game. In a regular game I would never let anyone know about it until well after the game. For better or worse, I'm letting everyone here know about it because we're in an LP.

As a result, I will also be adding a new feature from here on out: the Gemgen counter! This is mostly going to make me look like a jerk who can't play dom3 and you should all make fun of me for being terrible at making gemgens.

I will get construction 4 next turn and any Melqart with E can forge a bloodstone. As you'll notice from this update, none of my Melqarts are moving down to this site.

Gemgen Counter