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Part 119: Hinnom - Turn 21

Last turn was the big reveal: a  construction site and a strategy retrospective on what I should have done to exploit that construction site to win the game.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled despondency.  I'm going to go through the next four turns relatively quickly in this update because they are boring and I want to get back to the action (and finish with this whole wallowing in despair nonsense).  

Turn 21

Our two fire brands came in the mail from TC.  These are great because Hinnom can't forge brands on its own and I'm hoping the combination of a brand, an eye shield and lightning resistance will allow my Melqarts to just go to town on Palankasha.  I've ramped up site searching and continue expanding underwater into the Lake of God.  Or, as I like to call it, King Hippomnomnomnom's bathtub.

I switch research over to conjugation to get the death site searching spell.  Fortunately for me, death site searching only requires one level of death and UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER, the horite shaman comes with that.  

In the construction site an earth Ammi forges earth boots.  Those will give him a one point boost, getting him up to three levels of earth magic which will, in turn, allow him to forge a dwarven hammer. 

King Hippo JR moves north to intercept any invading Lankans with his brand new toy. And by intercept I mean chop into tiny pieces.  A Melqart with a terrible generic name heads toward the construction site to begin forging bloodstones.  He should arrive in two turns.  Good thing I'm not sending any other Melqarts with earth magic.  That would be stupid.

I forgo recruiting anything this turn to continue my infrastructure project.  At this point I'm still pretty frustrated and discouraged fighting TheDemon but I know I need research and I have this vague idea that if only I can assemble enough dawn guard that I will somehow beat him. That is a stupid idea, but there you have it. At least this fort will be useful for recruiting researchers.  

The province northwest of my capital has a pretty nice site. I won't be showing all the sites I find but I like this one.

Gemgen Counter


dude, can you help me kill Lankafix up this old van?

Busy reading Lardo. 

Turn 22

Underwater our burly mercenary troop is poisoned by a bunch of mermencontinues to liberate the King's bath.  King Hippomnomnomnom sends a strongly worded letter, protesting the use of chemical warfare, to the Associated Socialist Syndicate, the group in charge of independent nations.  Chemical warfare was outlawed under the Treaty of Marignon in the year 1698 M.A.   Shit, that hasn't happened yet. Well, it's still not cricket!

With a pair of earth boots I'm now able to forge a dwarven hammer.   Dwarven hammers give you a 25% discount on gemcost of items you forge.  That combines with the construction site.   So, for example, a fifteen gem item ends up costing eight gems.  15*0.75 =11.25, rounded down to 11.  Then 11*0.8=8.8, rounded down to 8.

King Hippo JR. continues to guard the swampy entrance to Hinnom.  Hoping he doesn't have to fight, but knowing that if he does he will sell his life dearly.  

Gemgen Counter


 Dude.  I could really use some help with Lanka. He's just building up and getting even scarier. 

 Well, gosh, you sure know how to butter a man up, Stay Puft.  I wish I could help you but I'm kind of busy standing on this beach looking brooding and shirtless.

Turn 23

It's shark week in King Hippomnomnomnom's bath!

I head up to finish conjugation 3 for water site searching and call of the winds which I love for patrolling.  If I ever use it as a remote attack on more than one of, smack me.  It is a terrible remote attack, but it's great for patrolling.  I'm researching evocation finally, but for the wrong reason: I'm going for astral site searching, not fire to blast palankasha into tiny burny bits.  

In Histyra, the e Ammi uses the dwarven hammer to forge another dwarven hammer.  A quick look at what the construction site is giving us:

Without construction site: 10 for earth boots, 15 for the first hammer and 11 for the second hammer = 36 e gems. 

With construction site: 8 for boots, 12 for the first hammer and 8 for the second hammer = 28. Construction sites are great but I am still being an absolutely colossal fuck-up by not forging bloodstones.  

In King Hippomnomnomnom's bath, an army of tiny rubber sea monkeys moves out to avenge our brave mercenaries.  

Gemgen Counter


 Dude, I know you're busy and stuff but can you like help out just a little? I'm kind of worried. 

 If this was a scary movie I'd be with a hot chick not you, Babar.  

Turn 24

Mostly site searching this turn.  

Sea monkeys are not good at fighting.  

The sea monkeys regroup.  More importantly, one of the earth Ammi has discovered an ancient magic site, using his earth magic to search for earth sites. 

Hell yes!  The two water gems a turn is quite nice, but the big thing this will do (eventually) is give me a source of mages who all get two levels of water.  Two levels of water will allow me to site search water and boost up to water four.  Construction six has a water bracelet that you can forge with one level of water and construction four has a robe that you can forge with three levels of water.  Unfortunately, I will need to build a lab and a temple to recruit these mages and it's difficult, at best, for me to get a melqart or ba'al underwater.  

In the Laerian Swamps KING HIPPO JR and his noble band of Dawn Guard brace themselves for the wave of Palankasha about to break on their shields.  

That... I hope that is mostly Atavi because otherwise it is a LOT of palankasha. 

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 Dude, I jus...