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Part 121: Hinnom - Turn 26

Turn 26

For the past sixteen turns I've been getting dragged deeper and deeper into despair. I've wallowed in my losses and made excuses like "but TheDemon is better than me." So, what are the odds that changes this turn? So for starters, no battle in Hinnom but a battle in Cacian Forest. At least I predicted that correctly. Unfortunately I still can't stop TheDemon from invading Hinnom.

I'd sent eight archers up to attack Laerian Swamps in the hope that TheDemon had left only PD. That's 15 palankasha. Ouch.

In Cacian Forest, my giants enact plan "get the fuck out of dodge." You may have noticed that Ornias found a magic site in Cacian Forest. Sadly I have no way of knowing whether it was an air site (OK) or a blood site (potentially absolutely game breaking).

In Pania, CHAMPAGNE OF DROPKICKS discovers that without supervision the demure virgin blood slaves have transformed into a horde of barbarians. Ah, college. He brings the barbarians north of Hinnom where they will rendesvous with two Ammi with earth magic (for earth meld fun) who will (potentially) liberate the capital and at the very least threaten TheDemon's lines of retreat (bonus: they're much cheaper than Dawn Guard, I can break them into small groups and they hit hard). In Hinnom, the Melqarts and Ba'al all retreat down to Histyra where they will, hopefully, be safe for a few turns.

In Gennom I gather a small force of tritons to sing "Under the Sea" and sell saltwater taffy to seaside tourists.

I turn what little research I have to Enchantment.

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No diplomacy this time, instead here is a preview of my next post.

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