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Part 13: Mictlan - Turns 23-24

Valiantman posted:

Far be it from me as newbie to call this chat boring but shouldn't this thread be less about and more about ?

By Jove I think you're right!

Turn 23

So, I'm expecting Dexanth to start using his Oreiads fairly soon. I wouldn't be surprised by seduction attempts at all. I set all of my units to patrol and reinforce them with the last of my additional troops. I'm hoping to find any Oreiads Dexanth sneaks into the province to try and steal some of my commanders. Additionally, I increase the tax rate in the province since I am patrolling, so I might as well make some extra income.

I also hit blood 4 this turn, this means I can finally cast rain of toads. I already mentioned it earlier, but rain of toads is a fantastic remote unrest spell. It increases unrest by 40, shifts luck/misfortune scales two towards misfortune, and has a 5% chance to cause disease. For me the best parts of this are causing a lot of unrest on Arcoscephale's capital (preventing Oreiad recruitment), and potentially diseasing a few of his Oreaids.

Have a description!

Turn 24

There really isn't much to note this turn. Dexanth didn't attack last turn like I expected him to, so I decide to move against his capital. It's somewhat risky considering he gets defensive advantages, but I'd like to continue pressuring Dexanth rather than fighting on the defensive. If I can continue to extract all of my resources from a province (gold + gems), and temporarily disrupting and denying them to my enemy, I can attempt to kill him by outspending him in terms of resources.