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Part 137: Hinnom - Turn 41

Turn 41

Last turn was a bad turn in which I continued to hemorrhage giants, but there's always tomorrow. The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that etc etc.

Blood hunting is holding steady at 55.

Hmmm. It looks like Dexanth's diplomacy continues unabated. Maybe he really is in trouble? It's hard to tell because I had felt him out a little about getting some free gear for helping him out and he stonewalled.

In research, I've finished level seven in construction. Now I have an interesting dilemma. Generally speaking, I think construction eight (and artifacts) is for chumps. It's just too high a risk that someone else got there first, particularly when your research is lagging like mine is. But, I haven't seen any artifacts from any big powers and I've seen sufficient summons and battle magic that suggest that nobody else has tried for artifacts either. So it's possible I can get there first. I decide to take the plunge. Not because I think this is a good idea - there are much lower risk research paths that I desperately need right now. No, I research construction eight because after I posted turn four KSAF Staff bet that I would forge the sickle whose crop is pain and at the time I was getting my shit kicked in by TheDemon (right around when Dawkish goes AWOL) and I appreciated the vote of confidence. So I'm going to see if I can't get him his $200 LPBUX. It's the least I can do for him (and for Korwin who bet against me ). Getting high enough death to forge it will still be an issue as I'm currently maxed out at one.

Merchants everywhere have heard of King Hippomnomnomnom's progressive economic policy and flock to Old Man Mountains to trade without the restrictive regulations promulgated by the other nations.

In Marsh of Ethereal Frogs I am a big jerk and forget about HP routing again. Spoiler: HP routing will feature in my year 4 mistakes post. The call of the winds birds attack TheDemon's Raksharaja, promptly die while it accumulates 80 fatigue and then the Ammi routes because I've lost over 75% of my HP on the board.

In Lanka, a scout is driven off.

In Histyra, I am petty. Dragon Pointe is Mictlan's province just across the border. It has several High Priests of the Sun, Lilli's oldest, most expensive mages, in it. She had just posted about how she sent TheDemon a couple hundred gold earlier in our war so I'm sending her a little thank you card. In other, more important news, you can see BARBED WIRE BICEP TATTOO casts Mechanical Giant. The thousands of lonely nights in mom's basement chatting on the internet about mecha animes is finally paying off as the lifesize Gundam model in the back yard is about to be fully operational.

In Nardago, KING HIPPO JR sacrifices to push my dominion. I suspect TheDemon will attack me this coming turn, because Nardago is now putting out 14 candles a turn (one temple, one prophet and twelve from six slaves).

UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER and Sniffer attack Lanka in the hope that TheDemon is defending it with minimal province defense and they can sneak past his attacking army and cut off its retreat.

In Laerian Swamps, Ayperos the melqart and Zanerio the scout move into Nardago. Zanerio has a frost brand to make KING HIPPO JR immune to frozen heart. Unfortunately for them, their lack of silly names is the dom3 equivalent of a bright red shirt. S moves north to try again. Fortunately for me, TheDemon's Rak suicided onto TC province defense. If TheDemon was going to suicide him onto province defense he could have at least had the decency to do it on mine.

Gemgen Counter

Blood stones: 21
Cost: 129E, 168 slaves
Gems Generated: 107

Remember, I'm including the three hammers this turn in the cost as they're dedicated to blood stone production. Without their inclusion, this turn would be the turn I broke even in earth gems.


So, uh, dude, what happened to your maenads?

SHRINKAGE! It's cold in T'ien Ch'i!

Uh, OK dude. What do you think we should do about the secret weapon?

As long as you don't tell anyone about this little thing, I've got your back.

Nice dude.

So, uh, dude, still in?

Pan came to us with the job, T'ien Ch'i got the vans, Hinnom supplied the hardware, I came through with how to do it so no one got killed, but Lanka... Lanka put on the finishing touch. A little 'fuck you' from the five of us to the other pretenders.

So, uh, dude, that's a yes?

Let's show these nations of will what will really is.