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Part 139: Hinnom - Turn 43

Turn 43

The most exciting event this turn is TOMMY LIKE WINGY teleporting onto Lanka.  Thus far, TheDemon hasn't been patrolling with anything, but I continue to be concerned that he might change his strategy.  You can see down at the bottom where it says the fortification in Lanka is unharmed.  That means TOMMY LIKE WINGY was victorious.  

BARBED WIRE BICEP TATTOO makes another mechanical giant.  If King Hippomnomnomnom needs friends, the only way to get them is to makebuy them. 

Blood hunting continues to hover around 50 slaves a turn.  

scuba steve comes through, finding two Water sites that provide one W gem each.  This is a nice little find and will help boost my already decent W income going forward.

In Lanka, TOMMY LIKE WINGY heads north to collect the remainder of the dust warriors and barbarians that fled from TheDemon's capital when recovering the body of the world's most beloved hero, TACO FLAVORED KISSES.  Unrest in Lanka is still low, but taxing at 200% should help with that.  Teleporting onto Lanka also allows me another full turn in which TheDemon can not attack Nardago and KING HIPPO JR can continue to sacrifice.  I had expected the sacrificing to reduce the number of candles in Lanka more quickly, but there's little I can do about that.  

In Nardago, I have four candles and KING HIPPO JR continues to sacrifice virgins to power the expansion of faith in the great King Hippomnomnomnom.  A single scout moves to maintain the siege on Lanka.  An interesting metagame note: earlier, when Lilli was sieging Arco with :Smaug:, Lilli and TheDemon had been discussing strategy for sieging enemy forts and when to leave a scout to siege and when to use defensive movement to destroy an enemy that was breaking siege.  So I have that as recent background to consider when deciding whether I should siege Lanka with a scout or with TOMMY LIKE WINGY.  

Ayperos heads south to pick up more gear and research before teleporting onto any raiders TheDemon sends out.  Will he get a real name before heading out to face the evils of the world, or is he doomed to wear a red shirt forever?

In Histyra, Tiny Conan! begins the long, arduous process of building a Tel City to protect the construction siteheart of the island. I also finally move up to four blood stones a turn and Ornias forges a blood thorn - a dagger that boosts blood magic and drains life with every attack.  

Tel Cities are expensive and take forever (six turns) to build.  

Gemgen Counter

Blood stones: 27
Cost: 159E, 216 slaves
Gems Generated: 152


Diplomacy posts will be delayed (again) for another big diplomacy post dealing with the move from midgame to early lategame.