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Part 150: Hinnom - Turn 50

Turn 50

Gems flood King Hippomnomnomnom's coffers in support of the secret weapon.  Although Sauromatia did not see fit to support the secret weapon, trade continues.   King Hippomnomnomnom is something of an idealist and he whole heartedly supports Schneeble's Weapon X project.  

The mere presence of Evangeline Lilly rouses vine men from their slumbers. (the crown of the ivy king helps too, as it lets a unit cast awaken vine men for free every turn)

Two more Kraken are unleashed.  They know that after the Zmeywaffe washes over the land the ocean will be next, and they bring their own brand of absurd OPness to counter Lilli's Zmey.  

Blood hunting is at 19 and with the Zmeywaffe overrunning Hinnom it is unlikely to do anything but continue to decline.  

Mictlan finally dispels forge of the ancients, putting an end to the furious overproduction in Hinnom. 

And then there are the battles. The fury of Mictlan's Zmeywaffe continues to wash over the land.  The fertile countryside is burned by rapacious dragons as King Hippomnomnomnom and his giants huddle behind their castle walls, planning their counter strike.   

Research in evocation is completed and the knowledge of orb lightning unlocked for those Ammi versed in air magic.  Research in evocation will continue for at least two more turns.  Once for the secret weapon and once more for evo 7. It's taken me a while, but I will rain hellfire and brimstone on a battlefield. 

King Hippomnomnomnom's devoted giants scour their personal armories and one brings forward a magnificent helm that spits lightning at opponents.  

This is one of the few helmets that competes with a starshine skullcap for SC head slots.  The lightning doesn't do much damage, but it adds fatigue to other SCs that aren't lightning immune and as such can easily win you a 1v1 battle.  It will be similarly useful against Zmey as anything that adds fatigue to them is a help.  

Two scouts against one turkey.   Why isn't T'ien Ch'i using his forces to break this siege?

In the Pool of Tears I laid a little trap for Lilli by keeping my two Mechanical Giants there rather than moving them.  Generally when counter raiding you want to keep moving but in this case I expected her to try to retake the province.  Rather than let a bane lord or Zmey just jump behind my two giants all the way north, I let them wait in ambush.  


More Zmey.

Suicidal barbarian commander. 

From the forges of Hinnom arises a new challenger!   Even will tremble before :Zero Emissions: the iron dragon!


Oh look, more Zmey!

What could this be?  HMMMMMMM.

Sometimes random bad events happen to good nations.  Other times they happen to your enemies.  

Here's the ambush.  Two mechanical giants against a bane lord and a Nahuatl.  The turkey is cut down before it can move.

And the Mechanical Giants go to work on the Bane Lord.  It doesn't stand a chance and flees with only a few HP left. 

With the Bane Lord driven off (and lilli hopefully wary of any future traps), the mechanical giants fly off to raid Mictlan's tender underbelly.  My scouts move off of T'ien Ch'i as the scout network expands.  

:Zero Emissions: brings word of a new world order to Mictlan's heartland.  A clean, efficient world order based on post modern design and renewable magic dragons made of space-age ceramics.   

Sometimes :Zero Emissions: brand of evangelism can be a bit confrontational.  

The locals gather in a crowd and summon imps from hell to heckle :Zero Emissions:. 

When their heckling fails to phase the dragon, they bring back skeletons from its past.  

" killed the electric car!"

But :Zero Emissions: gives no fucks.  

It is a giant, trampling magic dragon made of science.

Your arguments are invalid.

Everyone goes home to think about the points :Zero Emissions: made.  I think we all learned a lot that day.  

On turn 50, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a Mictlan court for a crime they didn't commit. These Ammi promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Hinnom underground. Today, still wanted by , they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a Zmey problem, if no other nation can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.  It's a play on the fact that they're all air mages, you see.    

Look at how silly these Kraken are.  They have so many paths.  

All I need is one with Air and Water together and then I can start forging amulets of the fish to bring these beasts above the waves.  

Gemgen Counter

Blood stones: 54
Cost: 267E, 396 slaves
Gems Generated: 426