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Part 16: Mictlan - Turns 29-30

This time on Doomed to Fail, absolutely nothing interesting happens.

Turn 29

So I actually decided to use call of the winds offensively. I figure one of two things will happen, either I'll get to show people how absolutely terrible it is when used offensively, or I'll get to grab a province (or two) from Dexanth because he put 1 PD there and his PD happened to roll very poorly.

Oh oh, what's this? That's only 3 PD (and a chariot), maybe my guys have a chance! (Hint, they do not, the chariot alone can solo the entire group). Instead of me taking screen shots, let me tell you how the battle went.

Arco's turn 1: Walk forward.
Mictlan's turn 1: Fly into melee range and proceed to not hit a single unit.
Arco's turn 2: Trample half the squad and the commander.
Mictlan's turn 2: Route.

This is why you don't use call of the winds offensively.

This though, this is what you should be using it for (beautiful, beautiful overtaxing). I'm probably bringing in something like an extra 600 gold a turn because of my overtaxing (so 1200 total between the four provinces I'm overtaxing). Also this is with my capital being at half it's starting population, so it's not like it's all coming from there. For reference, my total income in a turn is something like 1800-1900.

I continue to do absolutely nothing interesting over and over again. After that last big battle, both Arco and I kind of need time to rebuild our forces because we lost most everything. I just choose to continue raiding Arco because it's easier for me since I don't rely on a communion which needs gems to operate. One of the biggest weaknesses of a reverse communion is it needs gems in each battle to be effective. With standard communions that's less of an issue because the masters are just use the slaves as path buffers, and there's no need for gems for either of them. Unfortunately it also carries higher risks of you killing your communion slaves with fatigue. Either way it poses a problem for Dexanth.

Turn 30

I head for Dexanth's capital for another cataclysmic impending failure, yay. Edit: Oh wait, something else I meant to talk about with this picture. You'll note in the top right my gem stockpile. I think this is terrible. Having gems isn't bad per se, but I am of the opinion that you should be spending your gems rather than hoarding them. A problem that a lot of people make is holding onto their gems for too long without spending them when you need them. The idea that you want to hold onto gems for higher level spells to get more efficiency is fine.

However, if you can spend gems to get more gem income/territory now, it's a lot more helpful, in my opinion, than you saving your gems for when they can potentially help you later in a slightly more cost effective manner. My problem though stems from the fact that I have no research into paths that actually let me make use of my gems. I have a few levels in construction, but no things to throw gear on. Almost all of my research has gone into blood magic, which obviously doesn't spend gems. As a result I'm just stockpiling gems instead of using them to help me win this war.

The one type of gem I have been spending well is air. Possibly because I simply don't have access to air magic, so it's pushed me to make use of my air with the lower level spells (mostly call of the winds). Not really a bad thing considering how much extra gold it has gotten me.