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Part 165: Hinnom - Turn 62

Turn 62

This is the buildup.  A little site searching yields nothing (Damn it irony or death, we've been over this before - share the nature gem wealth a little!) and blood hunting is at 68.   Not bad considering my poor unrest wracked territory.  PECKER, PRIVATES, WANG and lookit dis beard all cast summon cyclops.  Blood research is still at level 7 but will hit 8 next turn and should be at 9 three turns after that.  

The most important thing though is the cyclops.  If the past is any indication, I will do stupid things and lose a great number of these guys and it is imperative that I summon as many as possible so that I can hemorrhage SCs and don't have to actually use any skill to win my next fight.  

In Troban, PIMP ROBES uses Sauromatia as a springboard to cast returning.  Schneeble isn't thrilled about this but it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission!

Pan takes that fort full of river demons.  Now it's just T'ien Ch'i itself left. 

In High Woods, MOAR KRAKEN hopes that the second try for the King of Banefires is the charm.  This fucker had better be worth 100 death gems! (kidding, I'm summoning him because it's an LP and I want to show off cool stuff)

hugging machine takes the amulet of the fish and heads toward shore.  Honestly I forget why I'm sending hugging machine but I'm sure there must be a good reason.  

Deep in the belly of the earth there is a low rumble.  In Sauromatia, Barathrus feels a sharp tug.  Were he not bound to serve President SKROOB he might investigate some arrogant mage nibbling at his power.   As it is the King of Deeper Earth knows only that someone has begun to bind his children.  For what dark purpose he does not know, but when President SKROOB releases him he will have an answer.

Earth attack is a remote assassination spell. It sends an earth elemental to attack a commander in the target province.   It's one of the best remote attack spells but it requires five levels of earth magic to cast which is generally a lot.   Of course, if you have blood stones coming out of your ears, can forge earth boots for 5 gems each and have a bunch of cyclops sitting around then it's a lot easier to cast.  I cast it six times at the mysterious province 53.  Where could that be?

Ooooooh, there you are 53. 

A PENIS EUPHEMISM forges the Tartarians Chains.  These bad boys are used to put pretenders in time out.  I'm forging them because they're a neat flavorful artifact.  As far as actual equipment goes they're pretty mediocre but they do enslave on hit which is neat except that very little is likely to survive a hit from these that isn't a SC with high MR.  They would be much better if they provided a bit of elemental resistance as well like fire and frost brands do.  

In T'ien Ch'i, :Zero Emissions: gets a craving for mango.  He heads south to the lush mango groves on the coast, secure in the knowledge that wherever he goes he spreads the word of King Hippomnomnomnom.  

Ornias cloud trapezes home.  His work for the moment done.  Perhaps someday another threat will emerge but for now there is no foe in the world worthy of his blade Mage Bane.  By his side the sword hums very quietly, slowly absorbing the magical energies of The Biggest Poppa.  

Let's take a look at what poor Mr. Greyjoy () sees in Pan.  Five tarrasque!  That is a lot of tarrasque.  While tarrasque make worse SCs than cyclops because they don't have full slots, they make wonderful army buffing battle casters and I am not looking forward to facing a bunch of maenads and revelers hopped up on fog warriors and army of gold/lead. 

Gemgen Counter

Blood stones: 103
Cost: 493E, 774 slaves
Gems Generated: 1,260

100 blood stones. This is progress!  A world of clean energy powered by the sacrifice of noble neckbeards.  This is what :Zero Emissions: has been fighting for his whole life.  A better tomorrow.  


'sup dude.  

Come on Hinnom.  I need this.

It's cool.  I've got your back man.  I just want that desert where TheDemon spilled all that Melqart blood and the little northern forest.  You can have his cap.  I'm busy with Feinne anyway.

Thanks, you're a good friend.