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Part 177: Hinnom - Turn 69

Turn 69

Trading with the great nation of Sauromatia resumes, albeit at reduced rates now that King Hippomnomnomnom is no longer propping up the Sauromatian oil cartels. Feel free to use this fact in any free trade discussions you may have. I'm getting these gems for a lantern shield.  

Summoning this turn is a naiad, mechanical men, two mechanical giants,  a cyclops and a demon lord.  Blood hunting is at 94.  

The counterattack from Mictlan still hasn't come.  Maybe it took a right at Albuquerque.   You can also see F getting attacked by a horror.  That's from a lightless lantern and it's the first time it's happened this game.  Don't be afraid of lightless lanterns, getting eaten by a horror is incredibly rare and they are great for boosting research. 

Research in alteration continues.  Just a little more to alt 8!

Here's a look at alt 7.

This is one of the very few ways in dom3 to not die when hit with one of the "now you die" spells.  It makes fire as close to a required path as can be for any SC.  The downside is it really needs tremendous amounts of reinvigoration to work well.  Basically, you die and explode in a ball of flames and the reappear and get + fatigue.  If you die at 100 fatigue then you're dead for real. 

This is a terrible remote attack. It's absurdly expensive for what it does and the only reason I'm including it is because at one point Dexanth threatened taking all my provinces and this was his only real option at the time.  That was silly.  

This, on the other hand, is great. It gives everyone on your side mistform (all damage converted to 1hp of damage, gets popped by large amounts of damage or magic damage).  Cast this as much as you can.  It's the first big defensive army buff in Alt (there will be more) and is key to a number of different strategies. I will be shocked if irony or death is not planning on casting this on his maenad hordes.  

Is the ocean being a bastard?  Fuck the ocean.  By turning it into ice. This traps uppity underwater nations underwater.   It's situationally incredible and generally totally worthless.  (Just kidding ocean, I love you and your sweet, sweet kraken.)

All the other paths get domes that stop spells from hitting a province. Earth gets this.  It sucks.  Particularly because if you cast it while you're under siege it resets defense to 0 instead of adding 200 defense. I was surprised the first time that happened.  

This is a nice large-area protection buff. I would use it on something like my cavemen who have no armor. Or, not to continue beating a dead horse, maenads (and more importantly revelers).  Alt is just huge for Pan.

This spell is neat when you're fighting an army full of mages or other high value targets. Otherwise, being cursed just increases affliction chance so it's nothing special.  

This spell is great.  It does 3 damage to everyone on the battlefield and has a chance to cripple them.  Cast doom, then cast this, then laugh.  Then cry when you realize you still haven't actually killed anything and the enemy Mage corp thunder strikes you back to the stone age.  

I wish this were bees.  C'est la vie.  

The second army wide protection spell in Alt 7, this increases protection on all your guys.  

King Hippomnomnomnom's dad made a few calls. The first to show up: The Lord of Hell.  Blood 10, earth 4, fire 4 and he gets 10 blood slaves a turn.  Belphegor is great at two things:  blood magic and blood magic.  B10e4 means he can summon a ton of demon knights every cast and B10 + 10 slaves a turn + flying means he can provide mobile blood magic support out in the field.  He's quite beefy but his lack of full slots is a real pain in the ass and stops him from being real SC material (that and with B10 you'll always want him casting).

He lowers dominion which is just an added bonus if you're trying to domkill someone. 

And he spawns five of these guys every turn which is a cool little bit of flavor, albeit pretty useless in game. 

In T'ien Ch'i, PIMP ROBES builds a temple to King Hippomnomnomnom as Thuella departs for Morn Woods.  Hmmm, I wonder where that is?

West of Dragon Pointe!  Did I forget to mention this little group?   I have 100 mechanical men, two sea fathers who will be scripted to cast quickness and a cyclops casting weapons of sharpness. Thuella will meet this group and cast fog warriors.  End result: a bunch of tiny super fast, super sharp, quasi-ethereal mechanical murderers.  Yay!  Zmeythansa Air Competitor heads north to raid a bit. 

In Histyra, Ornias wonders if Thuella has a sister.  Good lookin out brother! KING HIPPO JR forges the pebble skin suit and Savnok forges the tome of the lower planes.  JULIET gets to work forging clams.  Using the hammer of the forge lord, they're basically free (ok, 5 W gems and 1 N gem each).  running out of kraken names casts curse of the wendigo.  If Schneeble gets one, I should get one too!

This is a neat artifact that lets its bearer automatically escape from hell. I'm forging it because Mictlan can easily cast both banish to the inferno and claws of kokytos and I don't want Thuella or her sister stuck down there.  

LOST: KRAKEN LEASH and FLIPPING EIGHT BIRDS are absolutely disgusted by your perverse desire to pigeon hole everything in a way that makes sense to your eupneic, mammalia-normative view.  Blood hunting underwater is NOT A CHOICE and they will keep saying that until your tiny fluid-filled ears become capable of hearing it.  Of course, if that doesn't work they're happy to show you just how effectively life for a life works with these virgin amber clan mermaids.  

Antrax enacts secret plan "no seriously, for the last time I said 'fuck the ocean!'" This is 50 gems of chassis and 70 gems of gear I'm sending against the last independent province on the map.  

Semyaza and Belphegor round up a couple more members of the gang.  Stay tuned next time to see who they find!  I hope it's someone nice.