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Part 181: Hinnom - Turn 71

Turn 71

Many years from now, when King Hippomnomnomnom has ruled wisely over all for millennia, and the great battles of the Lankan war are only memories and an instinctive terror of giants impossible to breed out of the common rhesus monkey, scribes will ponder this time.   A brief period of respite in the long war-torn history of Hinnom.  For, though there is war, this has been the longest peace Hinnom has known for years.   King Hippomnomnomnom wisely borrowed a few spreadsheets from goon fleet and wisely decided to follow the advice they gave:  plastics!  And efficiency. And overwhelming numbers of tiny robot death machines.  

Summoning is mechanical men and a cyclops.  Blood hunting is at 177.  Now we're talking!

In the marketplace in Histyra, an unassuming young man's nose begins to bleed.  He shakes his head lightly, stumbles and falls to the ground dead.  My plan to use the black mirror to mind hunt for scouts works!  

WILLIE casts crumble on Mictlan and gets blasted by the frost dome. He is a cyclops and shrugs it off.  Mictlan's walls are breached!

In Florien, still fuck the ocean takes another province and oh, hello Schneeble!  Fancy meeting you here.  

In Old man Mountains I summon the remaining Demon Lord and another Grigori.  Yes, I should be summoning demon knights but classy readers like you deserve more entertainment than that.  

Pam-Ur is sent in alone to see what's inside Mictlan.  And well played Lilli - you must have been blood hunting your  cap like crazy to get it down to 9,500 people with growth 3 scales.  

In Histyra, Semyaza forges the Chalice for his son and I finally give up on getting a fucking kraken with fucking air and water.   Fuck.  

This is the reason people rush artifacts in vanilla. It heals afflictions at a tremendous rate and, most importantly, heals afflictions on undead too!   Awesome Endgame makes it construction 6 and non-unique, but you used to have to have this or gift of health to heal tartarians which were one of only three really viable endgames (blood and clams are the other two).  I don't really need it but it's an important part of dom3 lore and I'm making it for 2*(40/2)*.8=32 gems. 

Looks like we'll see some fireworks from Pan and Mictlan soon!

PRESIDENT WILLIAM TAFT is off to canvas the electorate.  He has a few things you might want to hear ladies and gentlemen, so stick around!  No, no!  Bad PRESIDENT WILLIAM TAFT!  Stop eating those people!  Those are voters!   Excuse us folks, we'll be right back.