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Part 184: Hinnom - Turn 74

Turn 74

The people of Hinnom continue to tip their glasses to the windfall the savage nation of Sauromatia received from Mictlan Enterprises.   Truly, the donation of an owl quill for each Witch King will strike at the heart of the illiteracy epidemic facing PRESIDENT SKROOB!  Bottoms up!

The big take here is a ring of sorcery, although the rest is worth far more together.  Thanks Incy!  I'm sorry you had to sub into the fall of the Zmeywaffe.  Summoning this turn is the remaining Queen of Elemental Air, a kraken, mechanical men and two Grigori.  Blood hunting is at 153 and you can see that I got a touch unlucky with four kohen, CHAMPAGNE OF DROPKICKS and Flauros all missing.  You can also see down at the bottom that I'm patrolling fairly extensively for both income and blood hunting.  

The Ammi pondered TheDemon's face in The Black Mirror.   It made a few notes regarding the elasticity of demon faces and the size and resistance of the subject mind. Then, putting its pen down it focused.  In the mirror, TheDemon's silent howling increased in intensity.  The Ammi blinked and TheDemon's face went slack.  The mirror flickered and TheDemon faded from view.  The Ammi replaced the cover on the mirror and returned to its notes.  

The phone rang and rang.  Thuella glared at the receiver.   Where the fuck was her sister?   She'd called.  She'd texted. She even posted on her Facebook wall.  She never took this long to get back. Well. That one time when she'd been shacked up with Antrax, but this was different!   She heard voicemail pick up and ended the call.  As she did, her phone chirped out En Vogue. "never gonn..." she jabbed at the screen. "Like, hello?" A gravely voice on the other end spoke quickly "bring 50 air gems to the Marriott downtown if you ever want to see your sister again!  This is not irony.or.death! Do not attempt to contact me. I will contact you." Thuella sobbed into King Hippomnomnomnom's arms.  He had already begun plotting revenge as he sent her off with the briefcase full of gems.

PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW focused on Cacian Forest. It had briefly heard a faint screaming but its magic had slipped off of a smooth shield and then there was nothing.  Only a very faint lingering horror.  Its eye blinked shut as it returned to contemplation of the void.  It would awaken again when King Hippomnomnomnom needed it.

The scotch burned his throat.  He always felt drained after a huge LAN party.  Smoke curled, blue, in the air.  He had 144 computers in the back of his van.  Where was he going to unload them?  E-bay?  He chuckled to himself and took another sip.  Shaking his great head, he turned to the bartender.  "So, you actually believe that bullshit? When was the last time King Hippomnomnomnom did anything for you?"  The bartender looked at him as Belphegor swirled another sip of his scotch.  He felt the familiar pleasant burn of the drink in his mouth.  As he tried to swallow, Belphegor began to choke.  His throat had seized, as if grasped by a giant hand.  And as he choked and gasped, the scotch continued to burn.  Belphegor felt the flesh of his mouth melt as the scotch burned.  King Hippomnomnomnom's voice whispered gently through the room.  "Not in my lands, nor yet with my people, Lord of Hell." Belphegor, Lord of Hell, Ruiner of Nations, First of the Four, could manage only a terrible mewling whimper as his body shuddered and the flesh of his face began to burn.  As quickly as it had begun it was over.  King Hippomnomnomnom's voice whispered through the room again. "Get up.  I have need of you.  Go, bring my uncle Azazel back to me.  And never again forget your place."

Azazel is the leader of the Grigori.  The bad guy who started it all.  He taught the Avvim war and cosmetics.  Which, uh, look it's complicated. It was a different time. He has enough fire to cast Phoenix pyre and enough earth to cast summon earth power. If not for his magic-duel vulnerability he would be the perfect super combatant. 

immolationsex slowly clipped along. Behind him, the released Grigori spread its wings and flexed its fingers.  "Thank you" it rasped before beginning a quick low chant.  A brief ululating wail marked the end of the Grigori's spell and it vanished with a flash.  immolationsex did not turn.  His hooves continued to raise small puffs of dust from the red desert floor.  He did not stop to contemplate the land or the thing he had released. He knew only duty.  The boy had released him.  Had bound him, but he had been bound before and the strength of those chains was nothing compared to the respect he felt for the boy.  He walked on.   He had done his duty. Would do his duty again.  He would die for the boy.  For the respect the boy had shown him. And for the promise that the boy would find a way to make him fly again.  Until then he walked. Every rolling step making him a more perfect instrument of the boy's will.  Around him, the red desert died.  

Arakiel is the earth Grigori. I don't know what the signs of the earth are, but that's what he taught.  Maybe finger-painting and playing in the dirt? The fluff really is unclear on this point.   He's nice because he comes with E/S for forging and E/B for demon knights and he can cast summon earth power and iron will in combat.  

In Ferran Mountains, Donkringel came to kick ass and chew bubble gum and he ran out of bubble gum four turns ago.  

This is maybe possibly kind of a little bit of overkill.  

Donkringel has The Sickle Whose Crop is Pain, a charcoal shield for the fire shield effect, rainbow armor for MR and reinvig, a starshine skullcap for MR, birch boots for cold resist and reinvig and luck and antimagic amulets for luck and MR respectively.  He has everything but regen!

After buffing he has 7 reinvigoration and adds ethereality and  astral shield (not seen here).

Against a handful of PD this is massive overkill but better safe than sorry!

This is the initial exploratory battle Schneeble has already shown.

This is the I got this turn. It can forge rune smashers, teleport and cast acid rain.  

And here's a quick look at Pan-Mictlan.  I wonder what happened there?

Unfortunately there are no more pictures from this turn because I staled.  DON'T JUDGE ME!  You haven't seen the last of me!  If it weren't for those meddling kids and their god damned timer!  Just kidding.  I obviously staled to give irony.or.death and Schneeble a chance to catch up.  Right?   Right?  Guys?  Anyone?