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Part 196: Hinnom - The Plan

The Plan

Below is the scripting. If you regularly spend hours poring over tiny pixel mans then it will all make sense to you. If not, then hopefully this brief explanation will help. I'm assuming you've read most of this LP so I don't need to explain everything. If you haven't, go back and read it. It's great!

Remember that lab full of items I mentioned? Slave matrixes! More like ten than a lab full, but enough to mean that almost every SC that can't cast either communion slave or sabbath slave has one.

A brief reminder on communions: communions are where you have a bunch of mages (communion slaves) linking up to power the spells cast by one or more other mages (communion masters). Communion slaves boost the level of communion masters and fatigue from spells cast by communion masters is shared among their slaves. Communions use astral. Sabbaths use blood. Crystal matrixes are items. They're all exactly the same thing and are interchangeable. "But builds character, I don't get it!" you say. That's because I haven't mentioned that any self buffs that a communion caster casts will apply to all the communion. When you use a communion to propagate buffs among a large number of mages, rather than to cast big spells by the masters, it is called a reverse communion.

This is a reverse communion. And not just any reverse communion. It's a reverse, hell power, phoenix pyre, blink communion. My communion masters will be casting hell power and phoenix pyre on the first turn using a crystal matrix (you can see I have a few other masters casting a ton of other buffs too). Hell power increases all your magic paths by two, horror marks you and summons a lesser horror every few turns to probably eat you, phoenix pyre makes you explode in a shower of fire when you die and then reappear (like a phoenix!) elsewhere on the battlefield and blink, well...

Every single turn the key to my plan will go off.

The Sandals of the Crane cast blink every turn. Blink randomly transports you around the battlefield.

I'm doing a few other super duper clever things that only an incredibly smart and experienced dom3 player could possibly do and I'm happy to answer questions about those if you're interested, but the key to remember is: reverse hell power, phoenix pyre, blink communion.