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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 202: Sauro - Turns 14-16

Turn 14
Nothing happens. The Earthmother finds no magic sites and moves on to another province; research is pathetic; pretty much every single asset is in or on its way to Worshin, the province on Sauromatia's side of the southern bridge of Lanka's island. The Witch Kings who are already there and waiting for reinforcements go site searching as well, because why not?

Turn 15
President Skroob begins to search for sites in her new location. The Witch Kings managed to turn up a single magic site. Good news, it's a game changer!

50 Supply Points, which is a bugged benefit and does nothing at all as far as I'm aware. One water gem. And the ability to recruit markata. You know, the howler monkeys with sticks and stones. We've already seen that the markata play an essential role in Lanka's army layout and scripting, so it will be sweet justice to turn the tables on him with these badass monkeys.

Finally, and most importantly, all of the units here cross the bridge to face Lanka's army. You've already seen how this fight goes, and I have nothing much to add to it, so I will try to figure out how Sauromatia plans to respond.

Turn 16
We all saw how the battle with Lanka went, right? Acid rain, atavi archers, and hideous quickened demons. It went really poorly! Fortunately, though, we've learned something from the experience and we have a plan. Our prophet and our goddess are moving to Worshin to defend it from Lanka, because the apes will surely continue into our lands now that they have the momentum.

We'll just select Worshin and hit 'y' to look at the orders of everybody moving in. (Sadly, any units that are already in the province show up with their orders but not their positioning. I cut one squad out of the in-province view so you could see the actual positioning, but otherwise I used the method I just described to get these images)

Alright, a big group of archers might be vulnerable to more Acid Rain, but they are at least targeting enemy archers. That should help!

Huh. The prophet is spamming banishment, which is a good addition to the battle plan. The Witch Kings are still more or less in the back, still casting Raise Skeletons repeatedly. In theory that could still work, as long as we have some kind of decoy groups to stall the demons and to draw archer fire while the skeletons reach critical mass. We didn't have anything like that in our last fight, so... wait.

President Skroob is scripted to cast Summon Earthpower and then Breath of Winter, and then attack the rear. She has a lot of hit points, but only 11 defense and 9 protection. She has a couple of cataphracts for bodyguards but this plan seems pretty risky! Still, as long as the rest of the archers are scripted for maximum distraction it could work...