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Part 204: Sauro - Turn 20

Turn 20
We got two unexpected events this turn: a handful of fire gems and a hundred gold. I'm not going to complain. Also we won our bid for the Archers in White so I guess that's good. Probably. Really I'm concerned with the battle, so let's take a look!

Well, that's not terrible. We won, and with more or less acceptable losses. In fact, if I were to just take a wild guess I would say that I'm looking at a witch king and 16 androphags against 68 atavi archers and probably some generic commander. So that's... 492 gold on my side and about 700 on his side? Let's see what really happened.

Oh, right. Markata screens. The decoys soaked the first volley but fled afterwards, and the rest of my damage output was spread mostly among the atavi achers. There was a Raksharaja with Lanka's army, and he managed to cast three thunderstrikes (one of which killed one of our Witch Kings) before passing out from the fatigue. Incidentally it is on the third turn that his army routs, so maybe the commander Lanka lost was actually something valuable?

Hooray! Lanka definitely lost more than we did in that match-up. It's about time, too. This war is getting expensive. Our surviving forces pull back to the Sauromatian side of the bridge... Probably a smart move, given that Lanka's highly dangerous god Peak Theorycrafting has been spotted in an adjacent province. Unfortunately it means that we won't be putting any pressure on Lanka at all. The Peninsula of Awesomeness is a pretty sweet place, though. Not because of its tiny population (1790!) but because Lanka has apparently site searched it and found it to be quite bountiful.

That's a Cave of Ghouls (2 Death gems and a Death mage may enter to summon a Ghoul), an Arena (25 gold), The Sea of the Tears of Men (2 Death gems and 2 Water gems), and The Ferry (1 Death Gem and 1 Water Gem). In total that is 5 Death gems, 3 Water gems, 25 gold, and potentially a Ghoul each turn. This province is great. Too bad neither TheDemon or I will ever be likely to have the time or money to put a fort on it.

Speaking of money, we're recruiting some units (mostly cataphracts, which we'll look at next turn because I don't think we have yet) and placing a bid on Dagan, the Renegade Sage. He is pretty much what his name suggests: a Sage for hire. Our research is pretty sad so it wouldn't really hurt to have him around. Finally, for the Delgnat Death Watch: She's down to 8 hit points. 3 more turns away from the capitol and she's gone forever (thus far without having done anything really useful)! She's returning to Worshin with the rest of the army, so maybe she will continue on to the capitol afterwards. Maybe...