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by Lilli et al.

Part 22: Arco - Turns 6-8

Turn 6

Both battles victorious! That random event is some free gems, a big part of why I'm in Luck - Free gems, while less useful now, become exponentially better as the game goes on, and getting Fire or Water events in particular is a way to let me remotely search for them. I love remote searching, because I like finding the totally sweet rare sites, even if it's not always ideal - which is why this game one can see some of my Oreiads out and about, as per here :

My primary expansion army has taken sufficient losses to send it home to regroup. My secondary, one Miss Rainbow Dash, continues massacring things.

Furthermore, she has a new spell!

Mirror Image creates a heap of illusions of her that vanish the first time she takes damage. Until then, they drastically reduce the odds of being smacked in melee combat. The higher your air magic, the more images, such that a supremely powerful air mage would be ludicrously hard to hit until you found a way to break the image spell.

Turn 7

Nothing much happens as one can see - I conquer more provinces via a new expansion army, Rainbow Dash murders things.

Turn 8

First off, yay for misnaming these files making me think I'd only taken screenshots for 2 turns!

Here is something I've been up to - trying to get a second fort up asap. The reasons are simple : Arco wins by research. A second fort means more mages means more research means bigger, better spells sooner. So much of my gold I've saved via cheap troops has been pumped into this! My scales aren't particularly good, so it's better to focus on economy now, because later on I'll probably need all my gold to churn out as many magi as possible.

And this is why this province is getting a fort - Sages are cheap, they die easy, they have horrible magic, but they have a -lot- of research for their cost. So in short, I'm going to spit a bunch of these guys out rather than my normal mystics, and they'll spend the rest of their lives hitting the books.

Tien Chi wants peace. This is fine by me - we negotiate borders which allow me to claim the province with all the monkeys, as well as that one way up north - you can see a grey arrow emanating from it. Lilli spazzed out about it earlier, because it contains Garnet Amazons - and Garnet Amazons mean Garnet Sorceress recruitables, who allow you to break into blood magic. I thus plan to use them to gain access to a school I'd otherwise have a huge problem getting.

Now, these graphs concern me - I'm not hugely keen on being on top of everything right now (I'm currently also leading in Dominion, while being very near the top on Income and Army Size), mostly because it paints a big target on your back. Hence my goal is to ideally seize whats left nearby, and then try and negotiate peace with everyone. I don't want an early war, and the perfect scenario for me - which by now we know won't happen - is to avoid any war until turn 25 or so.

Soon enough, I'll find out plans change.