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Part 241: Sauro - Turn 76 (B)

Turn 76 (B)
In which I actually talk about the turn.

- Schneeble/Sauromatia
My time is limited and TheDemon did a better job of talking about Lanka's final battle than I could anyway, so I'll finish up with other elements of the turn and answer builds character's leading questions before I call it a wrap.

I only had a couple of elemental royalty hanging out on Arcoscephale's old capital and I wasn't about to wait around for a dozen turns so they could crack it. As you've seen before, this spell usually takes care of fort walls and in this case it allows me to help wrap Mictlan up much more quickly. Now I can set orders to Storm the Fortress this turn, and next turn Mictlan will be gone wherever I can reach him.

No new magic sites, and two random events. One of them gave me a few candles (based in my capital) and the other one just happened to Hinnom as well.

As you saw with Hinnom, these guys overpowered the province defense and he had to send some badass or another back to the province to clean up the mess and to take it back from independent forces. There's a hassle my poor-mobility forces really don't need, especially with my research as far behind as it is.

See? There they are, a Druid leading some magical human and ogre sized plant people.

Aaand, the druid was killed by an arrow on my very first round of combat. Fight's over, I win. Hooray archer PD!

And of course Lanka was eliminated and Forge of the Ancients went up again. Nothing else really happened for me this turn so I'm going to see if I can burn through one more turn and then address those future plans builds character bugged me about.

Turn 77
In which I prepare for the coming storm.

- Schneeble/Sauromatia
I'm not site searching any more. If I can find it, I've found it. Random events gave me some earth and air gems. I summoned this:

The WIld Ettin is an interesting bruiser. It has three arm slots and two head slots, high strength, good hitpoints, high magic resistance, and no elemental resistances at all. That means that instead of gearing loads of magic resistance, I will gear elemental resistance. The item slots are especially interesting...

Not that any of this helps me, I'm terrible at forging. Hopefully I'll be able to muddle through. Which leads me to the bit where I talk about my plans about the future. How do I intend to fight these jerks?

The short version--which is good because I don't have much time and I don't have a solid plan yet--is that I figure they both have similar tools available but Hinnom has more of them. They both have blood magic and earth gems, they both have some elemental royalty, and they both have hordes of blockers (maenads or mechanical men). Hinnom relies more heavily on heavy commanders while Pangaea has the maenads. Either way I expect Rain of Toads and other shenanigans (which is why I have Forest Dome up on so many forts now), I expect flying or teleporting enemies, I expect heavy supercombatants, and I expect demons.

I expect to be on the defensive most of the time, and I expect to have one of them as an ally against the other. If I'm fighting Pangaea then I can let Hinnom do most of the work, and if I'm fighting Hinnom then I definitely need to pull my weight. If I'm facing a lot of demons then my water queens will have to try to catch and destroy them. If I'm not then I intend to use everything I have except for those three and my krakens to hold off Hinnom's forces while I launch an attack on his kraken production center.

It will probably fail, but it's probably got the best chance for success (and damage potential) out of all my options. It will also be a pain to prepare for and I need to build a lab in the sea that I share with Hinnom and start moving water queens that way right now.

Completely by coincidence, this screenshot shows my water queens and krakens all moving as fast as they can toward the sea I share with Hinnom.

The sharp-eyed among you may notice that Mictlan has one province, and that on the map it looks like it's full of nearly worthless slaves. The end is near for our friend Incy.

Irrational Objectives:
1. Control the entire isthmus. (Succeeded)
2. Extract an air mage from buildscharacter. (Succeeded)
3. Summon/GoR the Daughter of Typhon. (Succeeded)
4. Extract blood price from Arcoscephale (247 gold). (Failed)
5. Summon 9 Elemental Royalty or cast each of the 6 Royalty summons at least once (current progress: 6/9 or 3/6)
6. Make my final contribution to the LP (no slacking off!) on or before December 12, 2012. (Estimated odds @ current rate: 48%)

Note: Lilli, we are going to need more turns soon.