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Part 257: Extras - Lanka's Opinion about Mictlan

Lilli posted:

Have some of my impressions on the other players and their nations in this game. I don't have to be some fair arbiter when I'm actually playing in the game!

TheDemon - Probably the most mechanically sound of all the players here. In terms of understanding how the game works, and being able to exploit all of the minor things that most players don't realize how they work (Must be the RNG) he is definitely the most well informed of all of us. As a corollary to this he also makes effective use of planning and design. In my experience he has very specific research paths laid out, down to the number of turns it takes to finish it. In general you can expect him to have a very specific strategy laid out. From what I've seen though, he doesn't do much in terms of diplomacy. That's probably his most notable weakness.

Diplo is a great intelligence and trade tool, but I guess my approach makes reliable help and alliances are hard to find. I've gotten used to using intimidation and counterarguments rather than congeniality. Also, turn-to-turn strategic movement is precise by necessity, and factoring allies into that can be detrimental. And if I can beat someone 1 on 1, I don't have to share the rewards. That's not to say I don't do alliances or close coordination, mind.
Its nice to be underestimated at something though...

Oh, and back at ya:

Lilli - Everyone in this game is a veteran, but I think in terms of months played she's actually less experienced of everyone but Feinne. But she's also the fastest learner of dom3 mechanics and tactics I've ever seen. That makes her one of the most dangerous players here in terms of strategic movement, effective battlemagic and battle placement & scripting. Expect a friendly approach to diplomacy. Everyone wants to be Lilli's friend (e: until she invades you), which means she'll have access to more information about what's happening in the world than most of us.

Mictlan - Dangerous nation. Jaguar Warriors are a cheap sacred with a low res cost (spammable) and multiple forms, which makes them durable against magic. Mictlan adds cheap shielded chaff, a broad spectrum of magic paths, and blood magic. Their notable national blood summon is a flying demon version of the jaguar warrior, which is synergistic with their bless. If Mictlan has a weakness, it's that their mages don't have good forging paths, and their recruit-anywhere mages are not that useful in battle other than as astral communion slaves and masters. EA Mictlan is also somewhat iffy in battlemagic, as the only good evocation they access is Falling Fires.