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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 26: TC - Turn 2

Chapter 2: Lebensraum

“Bruzzers in service to our Big Poppa, hear my vords! Ze heretics haff declared many uff zere number to be ze so-called prophets of zere false gods! Many uff you are as upset as I, as ze rioting in ze streets is showing.

Zere can be but one choice! Ve must crush ze unbelievers to ze east and bring zere lands under ze control of Smurfville, as they were in ages past! Our historical claim on zese lands is undeniable!

So says ze Voice of God, Angry Smurf!”

World Eating Smurf talks for Real:
This turn I push the Master of the Way I recruited last turn with a group of eight Warriors of the Five Elements and two tower shield infantry along with my prophetized Scout at some indies. I tested this before the game and am quite confident in their ability to defeat pretty much any indy I could reasonably encounter. These horsemen aren’t terribly numerous and I’m actually not that worried about their arrows for reasons.

You may have noted that my army hasn’t actually patrolled away all the unrest that was generated by my raised taxes. Unrest in a province will decrease the income and resources there, and if it builds up to 100 or higher you can no longer recruit. High taxes also kill population, and given that my expansion parties are pretty cheap I don’t need to overtax heavily here.

You may also have noticed Lanka’s candles there (obviously I don’t know they’re Lanka’s right now). I am officially worried about these because they mean I’m very close to an enemy and that’s never good. I’m going into any interaction with the majority of the nations here as though they’re going to attack me almost immediately on the principle that I’d strongly consider doing so to a late-bloomer like TC that relies a lot on magic to be strong if I’d been one of the many nations here that is very strong early. My diplomatic goals largely involve ensuring that I remain as unmolested as possible for as long as possible. The more successful I am at staying out of fights I’m not sure I can win the better off I’ll be.

My recruitment is very similar to last turn, except that now that I have a bit of money I’m getting a Celestial Master instead of a Master of the Way. These guys are a big part of what makes my nation at all viable so let’s actually look at them:

They’re a both mages and priests, and get a wide variety of magic paths between their various picks. This allows them to forge all sorts of popular magic items that I will want as the game progresses. They are sacred and thus cost half the normal upkeep, and they’re able to fly which is great for mobility. They’re also not as often Old as the recruitment screen suggests, which is great for such a diverse human mage. I’m going to want to get one of these guys every turn I can from now on at my capitol.