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Part 261: Extras - End of Gabriel Pope's LP

Bonus content. Because someone mentioned wanting closure, I don't think Pope is going to do it, and I still have the final save file lying around.

The message list is three full screens, and I cheated a little; one is cut off, but it's identical to the stuff you see at the end of two and the beginning of three.

Next up is the storming of (one of?) R'lyeh's final fort(s).

Pack of wolves vs. some mutant fishmen things. Unfortunately the mutants have no commander because I have been slamming everything on the map with Earth Attacks and Mind Hunts for a while now, so they autoroute.

Most of them don't make it to the edge of the screen, since my wolfpack is commanded by a gargoyle with the Stone Sword. Things that fail their MR check take the big damage numbers you see there and generally die. Things that make the check just get hit in the face by a gargoyle with a big sword, and take the smaller damage number you see there.

I don't remember who this fort belonged to. Probably R'lyeh since that's Machaka's ex-prophet King of Elemental Fire in the back, and I don't think he ever recovered it after R'lyeh enslaved the thing but my memory is fuzzy.

A detail shot of the indeterminate enemy. There are banes, tartarians, mutant fishmen, ape warriors, and a black sorcerer. So it could really belong to either of them. Anyway it's a bunch of dead gods and stuff. Pretty imposing group.

Here is a corner of the force I sent.

Honestly, it's not a very interesting battle to watch. Dead gods and wolves and siege golems and angels and archangels and poison golems and a djinn just kind of pulping everything while a bunch of theurgs spam paralyze. Later a mummified harbinger attempts to strangle a fleeing King of Fire and his arm burns off. Doctors create a replacement shortly after the battle because my empire has the sort of health plan that turns you into the world's strongest giant mummy if you fall in the line of duty.

He was a good angel, and a better mummy. Let us always remember him.

Here is the final battle, against the remaining forces of Machaka. Quite a few tartarians, black hawks, and black sorcerers. A much smaller force on my side. There'd been a lot of talk in the thread about wanting to see a Chayot or Seraph in combat, and I try to be an obliging overlord - but I'd almost run out of time getting one ready, so I wanted to be sure his escort was small enough to let him get some hits in.

This last one is what happens when one of the black sorcerers gets too close to the angel on dead god violence; phoenix pyre. I'm sure it's been discussed in the thread before, but it causes the caster to explode on death and reappear elsewhere with some additional fatigue until they're over 100. Then they stay dead. It hurts everything else a lot more than it hurts the Seraph.

I really like this shot. He started the round in the cloud of fire just to his left, flew up to one-shot the passed out spider-form sorcerer that is now a red number and cloud of fire up top, then returned to position to kill the one next to him. I have no idea how the AI makes decisions like this, but it got the job done. I will leave the fate of the final spider to your imagination.

Unfortunately I don't have archives to go double check on GP's process for coloring the map to make it look like his updates, but you can at least see an in-game map covered in purple flags.