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Part 265: Extras - The Players (According to Schneeble)

The Players (According to Schneeble)

Dexanth - Actually I haven't played (m)any games with him and I don't think I've ever dealt directly with him in any case. By reputation I believe him to be diplomatically active but cautious, but really even that isn't too relevant to this game because I'm farther away from him than from any other nation in the game.

Feinne - A pretty cool guy. He likes the guts of this game, perhaps as much or more than the actual game itself. We are kindred spirits! He does a fair bit of modding, and in this game he's not playing a nation with which he's super comfortable. I haven't actually played much with him so I will mostly just assume that he's going to do something like what I might do in his position.

Lilli - Lilli is a person with whom I have definitely played a few games. I have done well in games where I didn't have to fight her directly, and poorly in games where I did have to fight her directly. That being said she has never actually managed to kill me or drive me to go AI. I consider her to be a cheerful force of nature, like a tornado with a big smiley face. I will attempt to placate her unless war is immediately necessary, in which case I will attempt to rally every neighbor she's ever had (even if they aren't even in this game).

Irony.or.Death - iod is chill. iod sandbags like a pro. iod is a good player. I betrayed him once and went on to win after we beat the ever loving piss out of each other for twenty turns and he didn't hold it against me afterward. I want to team up with him for real this time, but at this point in the game he's threatening to domkill me so I'm not sure how friendly we will be. My pro-iod bias may actually get me into trouble later, if I allow myself to ignore dangerous things that he is doing.

buildscharacter - He cracks me up. He also has an interesting playstyle. He has a strong grasp of the game (and is good with blood nations), but he's not one for testing theories. Generally his playstyle is so expand quickly, set up blood hunting or some other means of producing mid- to end-game combatants, and then simply to drown his opponent in an overwhelming tide of whatever it was he was able to mass produce. He tends to be reckless, and if I have to face him later in the game then I need to make sure that I have a reliable way of beating the one or two thugs/supercombatants that he will inevitably field a hundred of.

TheDemon - TheDemon was in my first multiplayer game. Well, the first one in which I can remember surviving to the endgame. I learned a lot in that game, actually. Like "If TheDemon is quiet then it's probably because he just wants some time to grow strong enough to destroy everything you ever loved." Or "TheDemon almost always has his forces exactly where they need to be, when they need to be there." I also learned the answer to the question "Why would anybody cast that Frozen Seas global?" He is dangerous, and I respect his Dom3 skills.

Schneeble - Me! I am a mercenary, easily bribed or misdirected by short-term gains. I often win games the same way lots of average players win games: I'm simply the last one to quit. I have subbed into a few losing positions and stayed alive long enough to officially resign. Sadly, that tenacity will not serve me too well here because this is an LP with a bunch of players who are all better than I am. Nobody is going to go AI, and they are all at least as good as I am at not dying.

In short, I am so hosed.