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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 27: TC - Turn 3

Chapter 3: The Fifth Element

“Bruzzers, ze fury of ze elements haff come down upon ze enemies of Smurfville! The vile heretics uff Ivenmoor fell to our undefeatedable warriors!

Unt now you can see I am amongst ze greatest heroes in ze world!

Ze power of ze Biggest Poppa shines within me, as you can see!

Unt I am pleased to announce zat ze Burpy Smurf also has ze favor of ze great one!

In ze battle in Ivenmoor he ran ten miles in ze pouring rain both vays to defeat the vile heretic scum!

Unt now ze newest hero of Smurfville, ze Surly Smurf, vill set out to take more uff ze land zat is rightfull ours!

All shall fall before ze power of the Biggest, such is ze promise of ze Angry Smurf!”

World Eating Smurf talks for Real:
I tend to just like summaries of battles, if something’s really important I’ll try to get some battle shots though. Against only twenty indies our warriors will just dice their way through all opposition. I’m not going to give away all the secrets, but I think you can already guess my bless from the image of my prophet earlier. I do in fact have an Astral 9 bless, I’ve got a few reasons for this I’ll probably save for an after action report on the game.

Oh, and of course I’ve got a couple of people in the Hall of Fame now. Let’s talk about the Heroic Abilities I gained. Angry Smurf now has Awesome Presence, which is unfortunately half useless for him. It gives him Awe, which forces enemies to take a morale check to attack him in melee, and increased leadership. The problem is, though, that he’s flagged as a #noleader, which means no amount of +leadership can ever let him lead even a single troop. Unfortunate.

Burpy Smurf the Master of the Way, meanwhile, got a singularly great Heroic Ability for a caster, one that gives him free reinvigoration. This lets him regain fatigue in combat. Unfortunately, he’s a pretty weak caster and he’ll never really get as much use out of an ability like this as, say, a Celestial Master would get. C’est la vie.

So anyway, our main expansion party is heading north while our new Celestial Master will take some troops south. I’m confident in their ability to take on the opposition and get me at two provinces a turn, the sort of fast growth I need to have any chance against some of the nations in this game.