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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 29: TC - Turn 5

Chapter 5: Well, Shit

“Bruzzers in Smurfhood, ve must all band togezzer in ziss time of trials!

Ve may haff defeated ze pathetic heretics of ze Birman Highs, zis is true.

But ve must nezzer let our vigilance slip, for ze demon monkeys of Lanka haff been sighted on our borders!

Ve vill not be deterred by zis news! Ve must push on vith our plans!”

World Eating Smurf talks For Real:
Well, shit. So Lanka is my neighbor to the south as well. At this point I’ve entered full panic mode. I don’t want to stop my expansion (as that would effectively be giving up the entire game) but I’m seriously concerned now. Lanka is a terrifyingly powerful nation and it’s in the hands of TheDemon, who is awesome. I need to be ready if he plans to attack me, and I’m building up troops for just that purpose now. I’m also finally managing to get research done. You’ll find out in what later, I have a crazy plan that may or may not EVER HAPPEN.