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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 31: TC - Turn 8

Turn 8: A Cowardly Separate Peace

"Glorious news, inhabitants of Smurfville!

Our forces continue to smash the heathens abroad and expand our borders! And what is more, our peace with the noble demon-apes of the south continues!

No, I'm pretty sure we were always at peace with Lanka. You must be remembering wrong that we were at war with those guys."

World Eatering Smurf talks for Real:

This turn was pretty much an unmitigated disaster and I'm scrambling diplomatically to survive. At this point I have to assume that Lanka is going to continue on into my territory unless I do something to convince him to do otherwise because he's either strong enough to fight off Sauro and Hinnom at the same time without those troops and thus gets only benefit by grabbing as much of my shit as he can right now or he's not at which point he might as well try to spite someone by also basically taking me out of the game. I could potentially get a defense going if I withdrew my expansion parties but that would also be as good as taking me out of the game even if they did get there in time. So instead I keep them expanding and abandon my comrades like a coward, confident they can probably do it without me anyway.

Or not, in which case TheDemon is clearly morally superior to all of us and deserves to win the overall game.