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Part 32: TC - Turns 9-10

Tulip posted:

That looks a lot worse for Lanka than TheDemon made it sound. Feinne considered those losses too high to prosecute a further campaign, but TheDemon probably can't take those losses twice more, and even if he pulled off that same sort of blow against each of Hinnom and Sauro, he needs to advance on one of those just to get more land.

The problem is that most of what Lanka actually lost was chaffy shit that didn't seriously impact his ability to punch me. He's still got plenty of rakshasas in that army and those things are fucking dynamite.

I guess I need to do turns nine and ten now. I think they were pretty boring for me as well.

Turns 9-10: Seriously?

Not much interesting happens in these turns so I'll dispense with the normal formalities.

There are a pair of messages, one from Arco as a formal response to a feeler I sent out when I noticed him and one from Lanka telling me to kindly shoo. Anyway when I actually looked at what happened in the two battles I sort of swore because I actually lost an expansion party to some kind of cavalry by freak luck, which means I have to go collect the now homeless warriors of the five elements. SIGH.

I've got some more conjuration research in the next turn, there is a theoretical plan behind this but it's not even actually come up in the game yet so I don't want to spoil it. The event is some death gems, which isn't that useful to me at the instant but gems is gems. Let's pop up the map now.

Once again I opened a turn and swore because I'd wanted that province Arco now has (for one thing it's called the Forest of Ethereal Squirrels which is the best province name, for another it's got a bunch of income). Still, I'm going to make lemons and ship out the forces I've been quickly trying to rebuild to make sure I at least get that forest just south of the mountains. I'm also quite concerned about Arco's size at this point, and talks have possibly already begun to theoretically move against him with Mictlan and Pan (I don't remember when this first came up actually). For me, I don't plan to get involved in another three way where I get a horrible bloody nose nor do I want to be in a situation where I'm goaded into attacking a neighbor solely for the purpose of backstabbing me so at this point I have no reason to rule out nor commit to such an action. I also don't have any reason to like Mictlan (one of the strongest nations in any age) or Pan (a nation I cannot stand to have on a map I am on because stealth is annoying) as potential neighbors more than I currently like Arco, especially since I trust IoD and Lilli substantially less than I do Dexanth (the explanation for this trust sadly dying with FadingLP).