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Dominions 3

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Part 33: TC - Turns 11-12

Turns 11-12: Big Blue’s Back In Town

”My bruzzers, long has it been since you heard a report from ze fronts.

Though ve are troubled by reports of ze false gods rising, our conquest of zese lands continues!

Unt now, no vun can stop us!

For ze Biggest Poppa once more walks among his people!

A band of rebel scum haff appeared in our lands to oppose ze might of ze great vun, but they vill be put down LIKE DOGS!

Such is the vill of the BIGGEST POPPA!”

World Eating Smurf talks for Real

So the Biggest Poppa has arisen.

He’s a Nataraja, a fun little chassis that starts with a whole bunch of dominion and astral. Getting an astral bless and good scales was quite simple. If I start needing it, he’s got pretty good slots to be a bad mother in combat and can potentially cast some scary shit. We’ll see that if it comes to it.

Let’s see, what else. Oh yeah. BOGUS. Fucking BOGUS the troll shithead. He came and cut off one of my fucking armies and sent it packing. See, BOGUS and his buddies are the developers’ fucking DnD party and they will show up every so often to wreck shit up. They have a lame, broken special script only they can get, Attack Commander, that makes them a bitch to fight and shows exactly why there is no Attack Commander tactic. At this point I give not two fucks about anything but goddamn murdering Bogus, and will call this game a net win if I kill his gump ass.