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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 35: TC - Turns 14-17

Turn 14:

Nothing much happens this turn except me taking some of the last indies I have access to. I'm working on some forts, and am in talks with both sides of the Arco-Mictlan conflict. At this point I don't have any reason to support that fight ending (since it just means I have a new border with Mictlan and I know she and iod are allies at the moment), and am only planning on actually attacking Arco if I'm sure he's on his way out. I am very up front about this with Dexanth, and he in turn promises to drown me in my own blood if I attack before he's certain to be on the way out in this war.

Turn 15:

Pursuant to my desire for Arco to not lose quickly I am actually propping up his war effort by trading him some fire gems, which I've got in pretty decent abundance and he lacks. I set some stuff I don't have much of in return, and more importantly I hopefully get a lot of people on one side or the other dead.

My fort down here is finished, which is good. I'm preparing another one up north as well, to reinforce that border with Pan.

Turn 16:

This turn is only really remarkable for the arrival of one of my national heros, the Immortal Lu Tung-Pin.

He's got good astral and is immortal, otherwise he's a lot like any normal Celestial Master. He's not the national hero I'd prefer but he doesn't suck I guess.

I am tentatively going to attack Arco here soon, but I am carefully watching for Pan to make the first move. I am very, very concerned that one of Lilli and iod are running game on me and am unwilling to expose myself to a backstab from Pan by moving forces in before I know for a fact he is attacking Arco and not getting ready to take a huge stealth dump all over me.

Turn 17:

Arco had a province revolt, it's in my dominion anyway and he's too busy dealing with Mictlan so I grab it. I'm also about to attack the indies with horses that I'd been avoiding and sectioning off.

Also, since yet another turn has gone by without any obvious sign from Pan that he's attacking Arco I'm getting increasingly nervous that I am being set up.