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Dominions 3

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Part 36: TC - Turns 18-19

Turn 18: Helping in Spirit

Why look at that, I have some stuff in the mail from my good buddy buildscharacter!

Yeah, so I agreed to make him some Fire Brands for his Melqarts since those are pretty easy for me to do.

I grabbed the indy province I'd sectioned off a while ago finally, and also marched into Glade Woods which revolted from Dexanth last turn. I know he's got other things to worry about and won't say boo too much if I just grab it.

Oh, and I found a pair of magic sites that amounted to 1D and 1S per turn, not bad but not amazing.

Turn 19: Stasis

Not much happened this turn, found a water site for 2W/turn and an event for 500 gold. I'm building a fort up north where I border Pan and Arco, and at this point I'm starting to get antsy because I don't see any obvious sign that Pan is actually attacking Arco.

See, what I would have been hoping for here was an obvious province gain by Pan against Arco right about now, because that would mean he was engaged and it was safe to actually join them (Dexanth had promised to make the rivers run with my blood if I joined when he wasn't already losing). As it is I see no obvious sign that Pan isn't planning to backstab me as soon as I would attack Arco, which is making me increasingly nervous as the turns go by that I'm just being played by IoD and Lilli.