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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 37: TC - Turn 20

Turn 20: The Blood-Dimmed Tides

Huh, things are going okay. I'm gently propping up Arco because the only thing better than him dying is him dying and killing most of Lilli's stuff as well. Yep. Things seem to be going pretty well.

I mean I'm not happy about Pan having a forted up temple on my border but...

Oh, hey. He's saccing. Well. That is certainly a thing. Also, I've noticed some weird unrest in one or two provinces, which may or may not be revelers and the funny thing is that as just happened to Dexanth if you DON'T just attack Pan when you see weird unrest you get fucked. So!

I'm attacking Pan before I have revelers in my cap or am so low on candles that I am doomed.