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Part 40: TC - Turn 25

Turn 25:

Okay good, he didn't attack down south. I was sort of worried he might do that before reinforcements could arrive there.

My attack up north went well, so I'm in a good position to push through his PD and take shit. I've also pointed out to Sauro at this point how close he is to being domkilled by that devilish Pan and his blood sacrificing (whether this is the actual cause doesn't matter).

Alright let's see the next turn.

Turn 26:

Okay. Two battles, one of which was pan attacking me. The first was just me clownin' his PD, no surprise there. Let's see the results of the second.

That's the way guys! I lose a pretty fair number of troops that I didn't care much about, but my mages actually came through and did some useful stuff in battle for once. I still have them scripted in ways that make me cringe to think about right now so I'm not even going to admit how bad I was at scripting TC mages on turn 26 of this game. My goal at this point is to get my two armies linked up, since I need the warm bodies of the other army to go with the mages I've got in the army that just triumphed. If I can get really lucky I can even cut off the retreat of his Pans, but that'd require him playing pretty badly and I can't count on that.

So, the net result of these turns? We've both lost a bunch of shit. He actually did lose some things that cost gold (Revelers) and while he may scoff at the freespawn deaths we're both sort of inflicting unsustainable casualties on each other.