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Part 51: Pangaea - Turns 42-43

Huh? What thread? But I'm too busy being lazy and/or preparing to move across the country! Ugh, fine.

Turn 42

Occupation of Arcos territory is uneventful. He's also offering to sell stuff in that message up top, but I'm not particularly interested. Once this turn goes up and Dexanth can see that I've opted to take his stuff instead of leaving it open for Lilli, he gets in touch with me on IRC and says he's okay with that but that I should send him the gold so his army doesn't desert. This is a dumb suggestion but I go ahead and add up the income from the provinces I took and send him ~70% of it because I am an idiot who is too nice, and I hope the gesture of goodwill helps persuade him to do good sporting things like rage against the dying of the light and continue updating this internet thread about a video game we are playing.

This is probably my most shameful moment of the LP. I hope that someday I will learn.

My reinforced army heads south to collect my remaining spoils from the agreement with TC, my reveler groups head back north to begin infiltration of my next target (spoilers: it is Mictlan), and Mary heads east to collect the last remaining Arcos flag I can see.

Turn 43

I take the agreed upon province from TC, Sauro takes the first of his agreed upon provinces from me, I take the unilaterally agreed upon province from Arcos, and the sentient plant takes the other province from me.

Wait, what?

This is one of those events that can really ruin your day if it happens to hit, say, your cap at some point in year 1.

You can see part of its army in the background there; they're manikins. They generally have a bunch of attacks that inflict fatigue, so they can be pretty rough on thugs and the like. They will probably be working for me later, but for now they're rebellious.

The Ancient Presence is sort of helpful in one regard, at least; it gives my army a good reason to stick around next to TC's fort while Sauro finishes the advance and hopefully draws his troops away. They take a turn to search for magic sites and patrol unrest down while they wait for more reinforcements. The reveler groups turn around to help kill manikins instead of continuing on to Mictlan/Arcos. Mary heads north to kill that unsightly pocket of barbarians. There is no longer a zmey on that Arcos fort, a fact which I should probably pay more attention to than I do.

There is also diplo stuff happening, but I think we're just going to let builds talk about that since everyone likes his pictures. I'm sure you can all guess what it's about based on the distant-future turns he and Schneeble have already posted.

Finally, someone asked about my current research progress and goals, so here is a picture:

I haven't been talking about my research much because there hasn't been a very consistent plan. This is one of the things I'm not very good at when I'm playing new nations; I almost always set research goals that are unreasonably distant and end up having to switch up to cover an immediate weakness. That's why you see such a scattered approach. The current goal is Conjuration 9, so that I can turn my massive nature gem supply into tarrasques. They are big and poisonous and pretty good at the magic thing.

There will be more exciting turns later, but I wanted to start easing myself back into the whole updating habit so it will start to feel natural again right around the time there is another massive disruption in early August.