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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 52: Pangaea - Turns 44-47

Turn 44

Not much of note here. I picked up Dagan to help with research and astral site searching, Sauro took the other province he was owed, I found five gems worth of magic sites in the province TC gave me, blood hunting continues. Mundane stuff.

Mary continues her trip to dispose of the barbarian infestation. Maenads from the cap move into position for the assault on the Ancient Presence.

Turn 45

Mostly uneventful again, just Mary mopping up those barbs.

Wait, Mary lost? But all their commanders are dead! Well, fine, let's see what happened.

Here you can see her and her vampire bodyguards mixing it up with the province's light industryinfantry (I am preserving this because I swear I made the industry typo three times before getting it right; draw your own conclusions), barbarians, and troglodytes. Oh. This makes the problem fairly clear; the troglodytes make short work of the vampires (which of course just sends them back to my cap). And while they can't do anything more than push Mary around the field...

She is only one vampire queen and cares about her health too much to binge on so many troglodytes, each packing over three times the blood of your average adult human. The final local commander perishes too late in the battle for all the indies to flee, so Mary saves a snack for next turn and ducks out after 50 rounds of eating.

In the south, assembled maenads and a few mages are finally dispatched to clear out the Ancient Presence. Mary cleans her fangs carefully and prepares to finish up. A commander and pack of maenads from the cap head north to supervise a blood hunting operation in the forest, which in an astonishing coincidence is next to Mictlan's Circle Master fort. What are the odds? Satyr + reveler squads also head back north for reasons unknown. I'm so indecisive sometimes.

Turn 46

I receive blood slaves from Schneeble in preparation for ?, Feinne tells everyone something about killing and we all ignore him, builds sends me a very thoughtful gift (that I hideously overspent on, shortly before he revealed his Const site in this thread).

Yeah, sure it was. We know about your factory operation now.

Anyway, back on the messages; Mary finishes eating her troglodytes and one of my scouts watches a couple of horrors go to work on one of Feinne's provinces. Gee, I wonder what that could be about?

Oh, I guess Feinne's provinces now belong to Lilli. Who could have seen that coming? Anyway, Mary sticks around to look for magic sites up north. Maenads in the south return to the lab in the south. The ring I purchased from builds is put to use to summon a thing.

Turn 47

I receive a shipment of blood slaves from Hinnom for ?. A message is included.

I am not certain how relevant this sort of sentiment is to a vampire, but I guess it was sweet of him to try. Also in the messages, my shiny new Lamia Queen.

I think I am the only person who really likes these, and only in very specific situations. They have some guaranteed paths I don't remember as well as a chance at water and blood, so "I would like a water mage" is one of those situations and I give it a shot - unfortunately I don't win on the first try. Still, death and nature is not a bad combination for me, and she will have things to do later.

The final interesting point in the turn's messages, the battle, is Lilli taking the province I just liberated from an Ancient Presence. Intolerable! Unconscionable! A blatant act of war against the peaceful nation of Pangaea!

All of the military forces which coincidentally happened to be located on the Mictlanese borders for training activities are scrambled to engage in a completely spontaneous and unforeseen emergency peacekeeping mission. I also cast a modest number of unremarkable spells which I may comment on briefly next time.