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Part 65: Lanka - Turn 10

builds character posted:

Oh. Huh. So 13 Dawn Guard vs. 7 Palankasha is a big win for the Dawn Guard.

Granted, I could be wrong about my analysis that line depth caused this "big win", but I really like knowing why I won/lost a battle, rather than just the result.

Turn 10

I got the "lucky" roll and both my armies moved into Hinnom's conquered province of Nardago. He's placed a huge load of Province Defense, possibly as many as 15 to 20. 15 PD would cost 120 gold.
(Actually it turns out Hinnom didn't move rather than a lucky roll, but I didn't know that at the time. And 21 PD like Hinnom actually built would cost 231 gold.)

His Dawn Guard are on the flanks, I assume on Attack Rear?

My army looks small, but I've 25 of the finest murder machines in the world, and 3 Lightning Bolt spammers.

Lightning Bolt is a very precise spell, and can do a massive amount of damage even to high-hp giants. Armor Negating ignores protection. It won't one-shot, but it'll put them into one-shot territory.

My main group engages the Bottom group of Dawn Guard and slaughters them. The Province Defense is engaged by my smaller group of sacreds and is dying to them as well. The Top group of Dawn Guard looks to have made their morale checks to engage my rear units.

They are however shielded from my mages by the 8 archers I've brought, and subject to a painful bombardment of Lightning Bolts.

In the center my sacreds have cleaned up. Which causes a rout.

I lost 5 archers and one of my 90g priests.

Dawn Guard           11/11 @  45g =  495
Acha                   1/1 @ 125g =  125
Battle Total                         620

T'ien Ch'i Grand Total               905
Hinnom Grand Total                   710
Sauromatia Grand Total               396
Sauro has only 1 PD and my archers blast through it:

My 6-province empire is restored. It'll take more than a 3 on 1 surprise attack to kill me.

Sauro will be moving in reinforcements, and my southern army is weak, so I withdraw for reinforcements of my own from the cap.
However, it's time to go on the offensive against Hinnom. If I push Sauro and Hinnom two hard enough, one of them will break. I just have to make sure I can defend my territory in the process.

The troop and placement against Hinnom. I've sent one mage home to boost my research.

And yes, I repelled three attacks from three players, two of them to literally the last man, whist restoring my empire to its original size, and am now on the offensive.

Next turn: Making them pay.